Day 12: Blended not Stirred

Woke up this morning and got going on my walk. Put the dogs on the leash and walked for about 2miles. I live in the house I grew up in as a kid and it is funny how I just haven’t really gone through my neighborhood in years. It really was a trip down memory lane. I walked down streets a few hundred yards from my house that I haven’t been down in a decade. It was definitely a good walk and my dogs have appreciated this diet more than me I think. I had my morning black coffee and held off on my breakfast shake for as long as possible. Today it was about 9:30.  There are a couple reasons I do this.  First walking on an empty stomach is something that body builders have done for years to burn fatand they are pretty lean so I am going to follow the lead. Another reason for holding off as long as possible is that I still haven’t kicked the hunger thing yet so with so many waking hours I want to distribute the shakes over a shorter period of time rather than over a 15 hour day.

I made it to the radio studios today to do the show on a full stomach  and had a good radio show overall, minus the fact that a scheduled celebrity forgot to call in.  We discussed the diet on air and I am really surprised on the amount of emails I am getting from people saying that I am inspiring them with this diet. I am not really sure how, I personally think I am a bit whiney about being hungry all the time but I am glad that people are encouraged by my process. I think the not eating food thing has many tuned in. I have had about 3 people call me to say that they started or are starting the velocity diet in the last few days because of this blog, and I was kind of shocked honestly. But I guess tIf I can do it they felt like they could to as well.  And the funny thing is one of the people said they can’t finish all the shakes.  I would kindly have them. Having said that I am not affiliated with the diet nor do I make any money if people sign up for it either. I think it would take away from the credibility of my experience if I was getting paid to get people to do the diet.  As stated before I can’t give you my honest opinion on this diet till day 28. At that point I promise to give a full report on my findings with the Pro’s and the Cons. And to be even more honest I really don’t know what they are fully at this point. I will be at the half way point on Tuesday.

Panic Attack

During my day at work I just usually mix the shake in a bottle and water but when I am at home I really use my blender and make the shakes like a really thick Milk shake. And I will say that these shakes are pretty tasty in my opinion. If they weren’t I wouldn’t have made it this long. As I am putting my shake together minutes ago I realized my ice maker decided to stop making Ice. I seriously almost had a tantrum. There is a huge difference between a blended icy Milk shake and the power and water just mixed together. Over the past 12 days  I have started to perfect the water to ice ratio to make the perfect milkshake. When I thought I would have to go without the milk shake I was bummed. But my wife rescued me once again to find the ice I didn’t. So if you are doing this diet become best friends with your blender!!

Meal Day Tomorrow!!

Ahhh yes Tomorrow is Meal day. It will have been 8 days since my last real meal. I skipped today since my wife and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary tomorrow.I think it will be a night to eat. I will do my best to be responsible.  But I am sure I will keep you all posted on the events at dinner.   Till Then!!!

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Day 11: Perseverance

I was all set today to eat at a good friends of mine going away BBQ.  I could taste the food this morning. I really didn’t care that it was a day early or that it may be 8 days till my next real meal. I really didn’t think it was cheating either. I get 4 meals over the 28 day period and if they are roughly a week apart I am OK with that.  I am consistently losing weight on this diet, so that part of the diet is working. The only problem came when I was talking to my parents today about baby sitting my daughter on Monday night so I could take my wife out for our 2 year anniversary. In mid sentence of saying we are going to go out for dinner I realized I had a big choice to make. Yep, I chose dinner with my wife of course.

The Test

Going to my friends’ Jason and Jackie’s house for the BBQ it was very tempting. The had very good food and most everything was meat, veggies, and gluten free, not the typical bbq at a friends house since the are both into fitness and eating right. Pretty much exactly what I can and would eat. Smelling the food was a bit rough though. But I am committed to doing this thing to the best of my ability. And eating two meals in 3 days isn’t part of it so I had to stick with it.

Another Small Slip

Well I have definitely slipped a bit today. The hunger kicked in again and I had some cucumber and a couple small pickles. Granted these are not part of the diet but my hunger got a bit out of control. Pickles are very, very low calorie and I highly doubt it will make a difference in the long run. I don’t plan on doing it daily but my stomach was really growling and being moody towards my wife would be a sure track of ending the diet completely.


I still haven’t adapted to the shakes making me full. According to many people on the forums they feel that they have trouble getting all the shakes down in a day. That has been the opposite for me.  I do really feel hungry all day. Blending it up into a shake helps a bit, but it is still challenging. I was hoping after the first week the hunger thing would get better, but it really hasn’t at all. I am doing my best to drink club soda and sparkling waters all day to keep my stomach full, but it still isn’t food.  Honestly if I didn’t want to give my honest critique of this thing I would have probably just modified it by now. In my conversation with Dan John last week he have me some advice when the going gets rough.”Just say this is the stupidest diet in the whole world and I this is my last day doing it.” Pretty much just taking it a day at a time is how it has to be.  If I think too far out it won’t work.


The fact of strength gaining is still up in the air. Being a bit carb depleted is tough to tell if I still have strength or not. I haven’t followed the training program they give with it for a couple of reasons. First it is really not my training style, and secondly I have certain strength goals I have to upkeep. I am doing RKC 2 in July and I have to press a kettlebell that is half my body weight with one arm.(Part of the reason I want to lose weight) Since the 88lb bell is a solid weight for me I really want to show up at 185 or less. And 185 is my normal adult weight as well, it has only been in the last year that I creeped past it.

In many respects my workouts are probably less intense in terms of metabolic training then the prescribed workouts and still a bit focused on strength. I have followed the challenge workout on the diet and it is fun and burns some major calories I am sure. If I wasn’t losing any weight I would switch workouts, but since weight loss is steady I don’t see the need to have tons of metabolic activity with a carb depleted diet unless I really want to lose muscle. Another day down! Honestly this blog has been a saving grace for me. If I don’t finish this thing I would feel like a punk. So the lesson of the day is stick to it no matter what and finish what I started. Until tomorrow

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Velocity Diet Day 10: Another Day Down

Today was kind of challenging. My workout was pretty low key and it just felt heavier than I would have liked. That has kind of been the theme this week. I am down to 185 pounds in the morning which is about 8-9pounds from my beginning weight. I took my body fat today and though my pictures have really shown me leaning out the BF % hasn’t changed that significantly. With the workouts not feeling that great I definitely got a bit discouraged. I am working out tomorrow and have a strength day on Monday. I will see how these days feel after monday. Now a lot of this is normal when you start to deplete carbohydrates so I am looking forward to next week to see how my body stabilizes. If you have been following this blog you know my goal is to lose some weight but not at the expense of strength. There are lots of ways to become a skinny manorexic pussy and I am hoping this isn’t one of the ways. I did try something else for hunger today which definitely helped. I sipped on some apple cider vinegar. 2 shots of Apple Cider Vinegar = stomach shrinkage = hunger relief.

Next Meal

I know I am supposed to have another Meal on Sunday but I may have it tomorrow since I will be attending a going away BBQ for a friend and I will just have my next meal again next weekend. The weight loss is going well so I am not worried about eating a day early.

The Biggest Loser

On my radio show this weekend we are interviewing 2009 Biggest Loser winner Patrick House. I am going to probably have a heart to heart with him, I am sure he knows all about hunger and food deprevation:-) If you want to listen in you can tune in to 104.1FM in Tucson or Via the internet from everywhere in the world  11am Tucson time. If you have any questions feel free to call in.

Well If I can’t Eat I can atleast watch my daughter eat.

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Day 9: A New Awareness

Me Time

Today I had an added benefit of doing the Velocity Diet. I tend to get pretty booked as a trainer and business owner (which by the way I am very grateful for). Many times if I have a cancellation, I either fit someone else in to it or do paper work. Today I didn’t have to be at work till 10am. That is  rarity but it seems that many clients are out of town this week. Instead of just working I decided to spend some time with my family and do the NEPA(Non-Exercise Physical Activity) assignment of the day. I strapped my daughter in to her stroller and got her out of the house which allowed my wife to get ready for work without a 15month old attached to her. I would say I walked for about a mile and a half and it was great. Watching my daughter point at things and laugh was great. I also got to just walk and have some quiet time as well. Something I don’t do enough of and know that I need to do more of. I didn’t jog or try and sprint, just walk. I found myself actually just saying a few prayers and just feeling connected. That simple. A walk with my daughter and not rushing to be anywhere.  I have to say that I probably wouldn’t have gone for a walk today if I knew I didn’t have to. I would have probably corralled my daughter in the living room and watch her while I sat on my computer to take care of business stuff. So I have definitely got a side benefit of this diet that I didn’t expect. Going for a walk is something I just don’t do. Granted I am on my feet a lot training all day but I rarely walk anywhere. There is a  store about 300 yards from my gym and in the past I have just jumped in to my truck to get there thinking it was faster. This week I walked there a couple of times instead of driving which is what I should have been doing all along.


Overall today was just like any other. A bit of hunger but definitely getting more bearable. The night time is still a bit intense, I sipped on some pickle juice tonight, the sodium probably isn’t good but it does help appetite. I also did some mint tea which also helps as well. Tomorrow is another solid workout day so 6 shakes are a good day! Really there is only 2 days that I take in only 5 shakes. The rest are 6 shake or meal days.


One cool thing about the V-Diet is there are numerous forums on T-nation’s website. Chris Shugart the creator of the diet also has a forum that is called “Ask Chris” where you have direct access to him. The mint tea was a suggestion I have taken and also seen other people that have gone through what I have.  It is definitely a cool thing to go to but it still isn’t food:-)

Added Thermogenics

I was going to avoid thermogenics on the diet. Thermogenics are meant to increase body temperature and metabolism. The unfortunate side effects of some are that they can also increase resting heart rate and definitely throw off adrenal function. The old thermogenics had ephedra and would stimulate the adrenals at full effect causing a huge crash and aweful side effects. I has spoken to a good few people that have taken Hot ROX the thermogenic recommended on this diet and they have all said they haven’t crashed or had any weird side effects like other thermogenics they have have taken in the past. Today I took 2 this morning and one in the afternoon. Definitely felt a bit of a pick me up but nothing more than a cup of coffee, and no crash or irritability. Now having said this I am pretty insensitive to caffeine so if you are not used to it i am sure you may feel different but I didn’t really have any side effects except for an uncomfortable hiccups after wards.

As Ice Cube would say:

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Day 8 Velocity Diet: Intense workout, A secret disclosed, and dramatic pics

Besides the cucumber slip on day 2 I have been perfect on this diet. I have perfectly measured out every scoop and stuck to the plan. Why am I being so diligent? I am sure I could do some hybrid version of this diet and eat one meal a day etc… My degree is in nutrition so I am sure I could figure something else out as well. But I really want to follow this by the book. I can’t honestly say if this diet works unless I follow the plan as it is outlined even using other proteins etc.. Granted the I would rather use a protein that doesn’t have splenda but again stick the plan if I want to write about it.  I can’t call it the velocity diet if I am doing it my own way.

The Secret and near slip.

Ok, so many of my friends know this about me but it is horrible habit I have had since I was in high school. Something I always teased my mom about and must of inherited from her. I sleep eat.. Yeah I get up in the middle of the night and eat. I have been known to eat half a jar of peanut butter at night or half of a salmon.  Oh yeah that is another secret I truly am addicted to peanut butter. But the night thing is bad. Sometimes I don’t even remember eating at night until I see the peanut butter on my pillow the next morning. OK laugh out loud I know I would.  I have done it forever. Some people think its hormonal or blood sugar related or maybe a bit of both, but it has always been something I have done. Last night I woke up about an hour after I fell asleep in the mode to eat. Honestly I don’t remember getting to the fridge but I had peanut butter in my hands. I managed to put a dab on my finger, eat it and put the rest away. I have to say it was hard to do but I am glad I caught it.  I have put way too much work to screw this up.


Honestly the hunger thing was really good today. I still miss food but it is getting better. I haven’t been complaining as much and I have also found that drinking club soda throughout the day has really helped.

Today’s Workout

I kicked my butt today. I did double kettlebell complexes.

5-double kettlebell Snatches                                                                                                            5- double kettlebell Clean and presses                                                                                            5-double kettlebell Squats                                                                                                                  5-double kettlebell swings

Round 1 I used 16kg bells, round 2- 20kg, round 3 and 4 I used 24kgbells, round 5 and 6 20kg bells. The double 24kg bells (is 106pounds) They just about smoked me with the double snatches. It was a great workout though and I enjoyed the hell out of it. I am doing RKC level 2 in July so I need stay training strong.

Updated Pics.

If you didn’t see yesterdays post then I have the before’s posted and pics from yesterday. Today I weighed in at 186. I haven’t been there in over a year.  Today was dramatic even compared to yesterday! I promise to avoid any more shirtless pics for awhile but this is pretty cool. Now the strength gains still havent been tested but my double bell complex today was strong, especially because I haven’t done double bell complexes in awhile. Deadlift day next week will be a good insight to my strength!

Tucson's home of kettlebell training and corrective exercise

Thanks for reading!! If you have questions or comments feel free to contact me at or call 520-445-6800.

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Day 7: Pics Posted One week

Well there has been some soul searching on whether or not I would post pics this soon or not. Honestly my ego didn’t want to show my before pics until I got to the end but I felt it was important to do it now. Once again to hold me more accountable. Granted leading up to the Day 1 picture body composition wasn’t at the top of my priorities(obviously) I was on a mission to lift heavy and only heavy. The cool thing was I did more strict pull-ups at my heaviest weight in years which is pretty cool from a strength perspective. So here are the pictures after 7 days. Again as a reminder. Picture #1(on the left) I weighed 194 pounds and about 15% bodyfat. Picture #2, 7 days later I weigh 187 pounds, and haven’t taken body fat yet, I will do that this week. I apologize for the underwear shot on #2 but the pants are fitting a bit looser. Not at undewear model status yet but you never know. Abdominals have come in a bit better and my chest is more defined. So far I really haven’t checked my strength yet I feel pretty strong.

Kettlebell Training, Personal Training, and Nutrition at Evolution Fitness

Evolution Tucson KEttlebell Training. Personal Training, Kettlebells, Small Group

I am hoping this new trend will continue . The ultimate goal is to be between 175 and 178 pounds at the end of this. I would like to do 21+ strict pullups and Deadlift 450pounds.

As for an update on the diet, today was good day. I have realized that if I put a bit less water and more ice, the blended shakes come out much tastier(glad I figured that out on Day 7 and not day 25).


Just like anyone else I have to schedule my workouts in to my schedule. Finding time to workout is something that even as a gym owner can be challenging some times. Practically living in a gym but finding time to workout is more difficult than it seems. Training others 6-10 hours a day and then running the business end of things and working out is difficult. And just like anyone else, when the day is over it is time to leave work. Hanging out at work when the day is over  is no fun whether it is a gym or not. This diet has helped me focus a lot, and schedule time for me as well.  Today was a Non-Exercise Physical Activity day so I walked about 2 miles outside in between clients . Yes you heard me correctly, walking is NOT exercise, it is just physical activity. Unless you have been bed ridden for month walking is the minimal you should be able to do. Tomorrow I am doing double kettlebell complexes and excited to get a strong workout in plus I get 6 shakes tomorrow which is nice.

I have had numerous people ask me if I would recommend this diet and my honest opinion is……………………… I really have to wait till I have completed the 28 days to do so. Right now I am just coming out of my whining stage of the diet and hopefully the results will speak for themselves. But I will say if you struggle to have any discipline with working out and exercise prior to trying this you may want to consider other options.

A big thanks to all of you for following this and all of my clients at Evolution Fitness. And yes I will use this to plug my business. If you are interested in One on OneTraining, Corrective Exercise or Awesome Kettlebell Classes please contact us. If you tell us you are following the blog we will give you the Velocity Training special. Call us at 445-6800 or email me at and say i am interested in the Velocity Special.

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Velocity Diet Day 6: Finish Or I am Dan John’s B!#CH

Today started a bit sleepy due to lack of sleep last night. Phones will be turned off from now on. So Today was really sleepy and took a bit out of me. I also woke up still full from yesterdays meal. Granted I ate a fair portion of meat I didn’t over indulge in anything else, but the food definitely was still sitting hard this morning but its nothing a big helping of fiber couldn’t fix:-)

I don’t know how I did it but I got a workout in: Todays workout was tough and I felt a bit weak but I am almost sure it was sleep related and not diet related. Today’s workout was

Deadlifts: 150×5, 185×5, 225 x 3, 255 x 5, 295 x 5, 335 x 5, 225x 8, 225 x 8

Presses and weighted Pullups super sets: Did the 36kg Kettlebell for 2-3 reps and the 32 kg for 3-4 reps and did pullups with the 35 kbell on my foot for sets of 4 with throat to bar. Did about 5 sets. I then finished up with 24kg presses 10 on each side and 10 Bodyweight pullups for 2 rounds. Done.. Not bad for feeling that well.

I have to say that I have been somewhat in a negative headspace around this diet.I am far from starving but I feel hungry and I think it is throwing off my mood a bit but all that changed from one phone call.  I went home this afternoon to take a quick power nap and when I returned I had a note on my desk with the name Daniel John written on it with a phone number. Jackie my trainer at the gym said he had called, and with  a strait face she said did you cheat on the diet today? SHe had this accusing look one her face and I almost thought she knew something I didn’t. I said no and she said OK well Dan told me to do that to you. For those of you that don’t know Dan John he is a very respected and well known strength coach, competitive athlete, and author. If you are in the strength and conditioning field it is hard not to know who Dan John is. I admire the heck out of the guy  so to get a phone call from him is pretty cool and it took me off guard.  He called to ask me how the Diet is going?  At first I was shocked that he remembered I was going to even do the diet but he did. I was honest and said well it kind of sucks. His response….”If you don’t finish the diet you better blog that you are the world’s biggest pussy” and told me I would have to wear a shirt that says “I am Dan John’s Bitch”.  After laughing so hard I almost fell out of my chair I agreed to the deal. So I am in it.  When Dan did the diet he lost 20++ pounds and set the state record for the snatch a week after he was done so any advice he can give me I will take. Here is a great article on it.  I agreed to a weekly call to update him on my status, he is kind of like my Velocity Diet Sponsor.  I was a bit bummed that I hadn’t dropped any more weight and that messed with me a bit. He also assured me that, that is normal and that most of the weight will come off in weeks 2 and 3.   I do have to say that I am impressed with what the mirror is showing me right now. My abs are coming in solid and over all I am feeling better. I will say that this diet has tested me with many teasing me about this diet it definitely helped to have someone give me a kick in the butt.

I bought my favorite Peanut Butter to put in the shake I am about to make and I excited more than you know!

On to tomorrow.

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Velocity Day 5. First Solid Meal

Today was huge. I couldn’t wait to eat my first solid meal. It may have been a few days early but Sundays are Family day and I will keep the solid meal consistent on the weekends so it will be until next Saturday or Sunday before I eat a solid meal again. On the Velocity Diet website the guidelines clearly state that this is not a “cheat” meal, meaning this is not about pigging out on Pizza, Ice Cream, and garlic bread. Here are the recommendations from T-nation:

Protein: lean steak, a couple of grilled chicken breasts, turkey breast, baked or grilled fish, etc.
Veggies: large pile of mostly green veggies, steamed broccoli, spinach, zucchini, squash, etc.
Starch: small amount of dry sweet potato, whole-wheat pasta, or brown rice
Salad: large salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing — no cream dressings!
Dessert: small amount of fruit

Well that is pretty much what I did. Honestly this whole week I was thinking about my mom’s Chicken kabobs and Shish kabobs. Well, that is exactly what I had today. The guidelines said that portions are not important because I may fill up faster than normal. Well I am here to say that I ate. I didn’t eat junk but I had well over a pound of chicken breasts and about another 8-10 oz of lean beef. I also ate a portion of acorn squash, some babaganoush(egg plant and tahini), and lots of salad with some lemon and olive oil.

Well I ate 4 hours ago and I am still full, honestly I forgot what this full feeling was. I may actually forego the late night shake tonight. This diet is definitely challenging me on many levels and makes me really appreciate food and has already given me insight to my relationship with food. At this point I can honestly say I can’t wait for this thing to be over but in the same breath I am also looking forward to see the results. Again the results for me are really about leaning out and getting stronger. If getting skinny is the only result then this is definitely not worth it. There are tons of ways to get skinny that I know of and feeling hungry on shakes isn’t what I would choose so as this path continues my opinion will form. I will weigh in again mid week and do body fat measurements, stay tuned!!!!

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Day 4 Velocity Diet, looking forward to tomorrow

Well another day down!  Jumped on the scale and weighed in at 187.5. that is 6.5 pounds down. Now some of that is extra water but I am also assuming there is a good amount of fat in that as well. I will do another body fat % next week to make sure. Again, if I start losing strength or muscle, this diet really isn’t all that is hyped up to be, but so far besides feeling hungry I haven’t had any signs of loss of energy or strength besides for once(read on). Honestly one thing I have noticed is that since I have been on this I have not really craved my morning coffee. I actually got to work the other day before I realized I didn’t have my usual must have coffee.

Discipline, persistence, and dedication all come to play in this. I made a crucial mistake this morning and almost paid the price. I got caught up with clients today and missed a shake after having one heck of a workout. I drank the recovery shake immediately post workout but waited too long for the next one. Low blood sugar kicked in and I started to feel lightheaded. Had to go in the middle of a session to make sure I got my shake. Part of the reason is, today’s workout was very challenging and focused a lot on metabolic conditioning. Lots of repetitions and intensity and not much rest. The good news is you only do one workout per week like this.  Over all the days are pretty easy but this evening I had another huge challenge. My wife and I went to a party that served some amazing food. It was a bit difficult to avoid the temptation with the smell of the good food and watching everyone eat, but I survived. Tomorrow will I will have my first hard meal at my mom’s house and I am looking forward to eat some real food. I am still wondering what the hell I got myself into, but I committed to doing this and I have too many people watching me so 4 days down 24 to go!! I keep thinking the end goal is to weigh 178 pounds at about 10% body fat and deadlift 2.5x my bodyweight. It would also be nice to do 20+ strict pullups.

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Day 3 Velocity Diet, Kind of Caved??

Well maybe not caved completely, but night time is a bit more challenging. I ate a cucumber. There I admitted it.  The one positive thing that has come out of this diet so far is an insight.During the day I am fine but during the nights the hunger creeps in. Pretty much over the past year my eating habits have changed a bit. As my schedule changed and became busier I started eating much less during the day and usually ate 60-70% of my calories after I got home at 7pm. Now in general this could be debatable as good or bad but I will say my food choices have continued to be healthy and balanced but as this ratio of amount of food eaten at night has changed I also gained about 10 pounds. Now, I did get stronger and it wasn’t all fat, but I did gain a couple percentage of body fat as well.  So for me I am seeing that eating large amounts at night may not work for keeping lean.

The one physical thing that I have already noticed is that my skin feels much tighter already and my abdominals are coming back in already. The scale today 188.8. That is over 5 pounds in 3 days. Workout day tomorrow which means I get 6 shakes instead of 5! First meal will be Sunday at Mom’s house. Sunday can’t come soon enough!!

I will say I have received a good amount of support and heckling for this project which has been a blast. Everything from my friend Scott in Pennsylvania offering his experience on getting through the diet and the benefits he saw from it to Friends like Dave texting me his meal of Prime ribs and crab cakes and kind enough to think of me.

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