Velocity Diet Day 22: Scale is at a standstill

Today was an off day. I got the walk in nice and early to avoid the Tucson Heat and I enjoyed spending time with my daughter. We also got in the pool but I didn’t swim much. Still going strong on the diet. I actually ditched the lower calorie powdered Peanut butter. I felt that even though the calories would be the same or less I didn’t want to steer to far away from the diet plan. Plus, I really like Peanut Butter and I didn’t want deprive myself from my favorite food. Yes, my favorite food.

The Hunger

I am still hungry very often,. It isn’t as bad as the first week but it is still pretty bad. I tried doing 1- half shakes every 90 minutes but it was too much work to blend and to get a decent volume, it waters it down too much if you only use one scoop. I started blending them with extra ice and making them really huge. But really at the end of the day 2 scoops of protein and water is really not that filling. I am still baffled at the people that complain about it being too much food.

The Scale aint Budging

Another thing that is starting to concern me is my weight is the same as it was last week. I haven’t dropped any additional weight.  I have done my walks, the workouts are awesome and I am being very strict with the diet. I have about 6 more days on this diet, so we shall see what happens. I may kick up the cardio a bit on my off days instead of just walking. I may do a light jog even though I can’t stand jogging. We shall see.

The plan is to workout tomorrow. I plan on heavy or moderate Deadlifts and Heavy   Double Presses and Pull-ups. I will also do about 10 minutes of Conditioning. Friday or Saturday will be VO2 Max Protocol(15seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest for 40 minutes) with Kettlebell Snatches.

Next Project….

Im still contemplating my next project to take on after the 28days of the Velocity Diet. RKC 2 will be roughly 4 weeks post Velocity Diet so I may have to hold off on anything new till after but we shall see…. I have had some interesting suggestions but nothing that has me really excited yet. Blogging has been great and I have really enjoyed throwing myself into something no matter how uncomfortable it has been at times.

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Day 21 on The Velocity Diet: Can’t get better than a Double Kettlebell Complex

I am at the point where the diet is just the diet. I stay busy and eat when I have to. I guess the exact reason I chose to do the diet. I have done the 6 small meal a day thing with balanced carbs, protein, and fat. And honestly that is the best way to go. The reason I chose the Vdiet is because it is pretty much idiot proof.  Your only measurements are scoops. A shaker and a blender become your best friend and you are good to go. As a business owner, a dad, and husband, it sounded appealing.

The Scale:

The scale hasn’t really moved much in the past week really. I am anywhere between 183 and 185 today. Not really sure what that is about but I will just continue on and trust in the process.

Tucson Weather Sucks

I will get ready for many of you Tucsonans to tell me to move if I don’t like it, but really I HATE TUCSON SUMMERS. Actually there are a list of things about Tucson I can’t stand like our Mayor and City Counsel and how they just keep making the City more broke, but Tucson Summers are enough to be the reason that I leave Tucson one day. Now that I have vented. I was just really busy this morning and by the time I was getting ready to go for my walk It was already nearing triple digits. Since I had a workout planned it wasn’t a huge deal but I decided to row a couple thousand meters on my Concept 2 rower. Honestly Rowing Is better for short bursts, but I took it slow and just used it to get my day going.  Unless I get up even earlier than I am used to,  I see that walking may not be going on too much longer. Tomorrow is an off day and swimming some light laps may be in the picture.

Double Kettlebell Complexes are Amazing

If you really want to find another level of strength and conditioning get really intimate with Double kettlebell Complexes. If you are a bit advanced with your kettlebell training and are looking for a program to rock you world I definitely recommend Master RKC Geoff Neupert’s book Kettlebell Muscle.  Kettlebell Muscle at Evolution Fitness Tucson ArizonaMy workout today was simple but rocked my world. The cool thing is I did this workout last week with double 35lb bells and went as fast as I could. Today I did double 44lb bells which is significantly heavier. I did 6 swings, 6 cleans, 6 presses, 6 squats, 6 renegade rows on each arm. The difference is, today I took about 2 minutes between each set for a total of 6 sets. Also, I realize my swings were a bit low but this was my 5th set and I was a bit smoked already at this point. The cool thing about today’s workout is I had the opportunity to workout with another RKC in Tucson, Sergio Giardini. It was great to have someone look at my technique as well and someone that gets what hardstyle RKC training is all about. Todays workout was great.  By the way if I havnen’t mentioned it, if you are swinging bells with a trainer I really  hope they are RKC certified and follow hardstyle philosophy. If you are swinging the bells above your head then I would look elsewhere(great way to throw out your back or neck).

The journey is going strong today and only having a week left is making it easier. I look forward to putting this all together for all of you to read. If anything this diet has been a challenge that has been great to just be a part of. I don’t want to ruin my final blog by chatting too much about my final opinion since I don’t have it yet, but I will say that splenda sucks. And looking at the fishoils Biotest said it was a good idea to add a preservative Polysorbate 80, I don’t know about you but I really don’t need more preservatives in my diet, especially one with SIDE EFFECTS. But I will say blogging consistently has been a blast for me as well and something I will continue to do!!

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Day 20 on The Velocity Diet! I See the Light!!!

Well my days of being a Velocity Diet Guinea pig are winding down. A week from tomorrow will be my last day.  Honestly, I am ready to be rid of dosing my body with Splenda daily and feeling hungry.  I am getting closer to the verdict, and I look forward to putting it all together in a final analysis. I plan on really putting some solid thought into it. It will be more than just some before and after pictures and a body fat percentage. I will definitely test my strength again at the end as well and just give the Pros and Cons I see in this process. The one thing I will say is that you really have to want it bad. Honestly, If I didn’t really know I need to be below 185 for RKC2 in July, I wouldn’t have stuck to this.  Being held accountable is huge. I really didn’t need anyone holding me to this because most people thought I was silly in the first place for doing this, but blogging on this daily held me very accountable.

Todays Workout

I didn’t dead lift heavy as planned today because I wanted to take it easy on my hip. It felt a bit tweaky today and I didn’t want to push it. There was no pain but just a bit tight. After some stretching it felt much better and I did lighter single legged barbell deadlifts instead and some light conditioning with the rope. I also did a few solid Turkish Get Ups with the high bridge. If you don’t know what the High Bridge Getup is I strongly recommend adding it to your routine! As Brett Jones says, if he was locked in a room and could only do one exercise it would be the Getup.

And since todays workout wasn’t all that intense I just had my shakes as scheduled and added an extra scoop of the regular low carb protein to my bedtime shake. Overall I felt strong though. I haven’t really jumped on the scale because I yell at my clients all day for doing that so I will get on it tomorrow. I may do more pictures as well heading in to the final week. I really want to be at 180-181 by this Friday. Until tomorrow!!

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Velocity Diet Day19: Memorial Day Feast and Dan John’s Interview

Well today was another day down. I got to eat a real meal today. I had a few tortilla chips and some guacamole. The dinner was awesome. A couple ribs, a bit of chicken breast, and mom’s Kifta(Lebanese ground beef with spices), hummus and babaganoush. definitely my favorite foods! I didn’t eat a ton today but I did get full much faster than I thought. My mother cooked for about 50 people but there were only about a dozen of us. But that is a Lebanese mother for you.Don’t get me wrong I ate a fair portion, but I didn’t over do it like last Monday night.

Velocity Diet, kettlebell training, weight loss at Tucson Kettlebell


Today I was supposed to do the Velocity Challenge workout which is pretty challenging, but I chose to do a lighter body weight workout instead.  My back felt much better than yesterday but just wanted to take it easy to make sure. Again, half the reason I don’t have long term back problems any more is because I listen to my body.

I am excited to lift tomorrow which is going to be my deadlift and press day.  Deadlifting in my opinion is always a great way to test strength.  When the deadlift is the equalizer in my opinion. If you are strong or weak it will tell you. When 275 feels like 500 it is going to be a long day. When 400 feels like 225 all is good in my world.


I have received a few emails asking me how am I being so disciplined. Well the answer, I really am committed to getting back down to 180lbs.  Dan John says in his book Never Let Go about his weight and really where he performs best. Any extra body weight that isn’t adding strength to the equation is unnecessary and getting in the way. And for me, I am really a 180 pound man. Me creeping towards 200 doesn’t magically make me stronger. Another factor is that me going to RKC Level 2 next month is a big deal. If I show up at 192 I have to press a 44kg bell. Going in at my normal weight of 180 I get to press the 40kg which is still a challenging weight to press clean. If you don’t think so, and have never tried, I will invite you to my gym to give it a try.   I really am looking forward to getting off of this diet, but more so because I really feel that my eating habits will change a bit. I definitely have learned a lot about my relationship with food on this diet. I like big quantities and that is probably not a good thing for me.

Radio Show

For those of you that don’t know Myself and Dr. Garrett Smith NMD have a live radio show in Tucson on the 104.1FM on Sundays at 11am. It can also be streamed live over the internet via the radio stations website. We also have all of our old episodes for download for free on our radio shows site ( Today we had Dan John on the show and he talked about his experience with the Velocity Diet, Weight Lifting, Athletics, and Fat Loss. Definitely a great show and feel free to listen in.

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Velocity Diet Day 18: MMMM Peanut Butter

So yesterday was a good workout with the Front Squat and Sprints, but today the left hip was a bit spazzed out. As many of you know, my history my back has been a sensitive issue. I used to go down for months at a time with back pain , but since doing the RKC and CK-FMS trainings my back has been a thing of the past. Actually the book Relax Into Stretch by Pavel Tsatsouline really saved my back.  The good news is I used the tools that I teach my clients and no more pain tonight. I did take the day off of working out and will just do today’s workout tomorrow. Any way, my back is good, but the sprints were newer for me and yes sprints are maximal so the off day was great today.One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years is to listen to my body. Usually pain is a sign to back off a bit. My old thinking would just say stop being a P***Y and do the daily WOD, but that always resulted in long term bouts of injury. Thank God I  woke up and stopped doing the Crossfit WODS. Sorry if your a Crossfitter and I turned you off, but I have never been more broken and weak in my life than when I was drinking the Crossfit cool-aid. I was a well conditioned man that would get out deadlifted by many females.  But, I digress.

Trying to Butter up the Shakes!

As many of you know I am addicted to Peanut Butter. The worst part about peanut butter is that it is high in calories. In moderation PB is not a bad thing, but unfortunately I don’t know that moderation exists once Peanut Butter is in my face. I tried a peanut butter alternative today called PB2. It is a powdered form of peanunt butter that is a 1/4 of the calories of Peanut butter. Now on the Velocity Diet they really want you to use 2tbs natural Peanut butter in the evening shake. Well today I experimented putting some of this powdered peanut butter in my shake and do it a couple times a day and forgo the real peanut butter at night since I had the calories throughout the day with the powdered form. It is definitely tasty. It isn’t as great as peanut butter but it is darn close and it is made from peanuts.  I am definitely ordering a case online. PB2 on the Velocity Diet?Answer for the SkinFold mystery?(You can see Yesterday’s Post)

I went on the Forum on T-Nation and the creator of the VDIET, Chris Shugart responded to my concern by saying that I shouldn’t be worried about an “arbitrary” number and to care about the mirror. You can see the response here. Honestly I really don’t care for the answer. If I was an uneducated kid that didn’t know anything and I was a T-Nation sycophant, that answer would be OK, but honestly it was the answer that may have me really turned off in general. My idea is that I may have just lost a bunch of water weight because I have been carb depleted. I have been a trainer for over 10 years and before that I was in graduate school studying nutrition and metabolism where I have done tons of “arbitrary” pinches. Here is a fact. When people lose lots of fat the pinches go down. My pinches haven’t yet. And losing 10pounds is significant enough to expect the caliper numbers to go down.  I will finish this diet because I am committed to it and too deep not to.

I am really committed to writing this blog and giving my honest opinion throughout the process. I am not getting paid by T-Nation or Bio-Test to do this thing so I really have no loyalty, but in the same breath I am not looking for ways to rip it apart unless I have reason to. So I am off to mix some peanut butter powder into my last shake tonight and think about Mama’s Lebanese food tomorrow.

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Velocity Diet Day 17: Litvinov Workout and Some Concerns Arise

The hunger thing has definitely eased up a lot. Im still not at the point where the shakes are filling or complaining that they are too much to get down. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and really I have only 11 more days left. My weight has gone down significantly down about 10 pounds. The pictures look better and better and my strength is still solid,  but there is a glitch some where and I am not too happy about it. As I have had my body fat pinches with a caliper I have noticed my pinches are not changing and a couple pinches have gone up!  It is showing that my body fat percentage is possibly increasing? This really doesn’t make sense to me, but the pinches are thicker regardless of what the pictures are showing. I am not as concerned because my strength and energy are still going strong but I am confused and frustrated at this point.


One of my biggest things with this diet that made me almost not do it was the artificial sweeteners. I used to be a splenda junkie. Last year I made a commitment to cut it out of my diet. Besides the occasional piece of gum with some stuff in it I went cold turkey with splenda in my coffee an cut the diet sodas out completely. Honestly I don’t fully know the long term risks in these chemicals and Id rather just cut it out. My normal diet is that of gluten free and little to no processed foods. Obviously BioTest the developer of the supplements on the VDIET don’t worry about splenda or artificial sweeteners since it is laced with it. Eating Splenda for each meal of the day gets old and I can’t imagine that it is all that great for you. The other thing that sucks is this. When I started the diet the shakes were soooo sweet. By day 17 I found myself adding a splenda packet to my shakes. MY body is adapting and wanting more splenda since it doesn’t taste as sweet. Definitely not cool. Again I chose BioTEST because they developed the VDIET and if I want to critique it I can’t use other supplements.

Today’s Workout was Awesome!!

I did sort of split workout today since my schedule was a bit broken up. I did a double kettlebell press workout and weighted pull ups. It was pretty strong. I switched between double 70lb  and 62lb kettlebells for the presses. And did weighted pullups with the kettlebell on my foot switching between the 35lb and 44lb bell. I then trained a couple clients then finished the workout!!! Myself and my friend and trainer Jackie decided to then go to the park and try the Litvinov WOrkout.

In Dan John’s book Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning (which is a great read if you haven’t read it yet) he explains the Litvinov Workout. In a nutshell the story is about an amazing athlete that does 8 repetitions of front squats with 405 pounds and runs 400 meters for 3 sets. Well my version was as we would call it in the industry was “scaled” down. I did double kettlebell front squats. Each weighed about 62 pound for a total of about 124pounds and my sprints were a bit shy of 400 meters. My sprints were probably about 40-50 yards.  Instead of doing only 3 sets I did it 4 times. When you are not used to sprinting this workout was intense. I plan on increasing the distance each week till I can get to at least 100 yards. I definitely enjoyed the workout you can see me whine a bit about it in the video below. This was my second of 4 rounds.

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Velocity Diet Day 16: Nothing New but the Truth

Today was the second consecutive day without severe hunger. I was really surprised. I didn’t really think about being hungry at all. I had my shakes as scheduled. I have been holding off on the first shake till a bit later in the morning though which has helped throughout the day. If you do this diet, that is one thing I would recommend. Hold off on the “breakfast” shake for a bit. Today was an off day from working out which is a good thing. Yesterdays  double kettlebell workout which was light weight definitely had my legs feeling a bit sensitive. Tomorrow is going to be an intense day so the rest today will be well needed. My walk was great and I got some sun as well.

The Scale:

I weighed in at 183.5 today. So I broke the 10lb weight loss which was great. Just to test me strength I pressed the 88lb Kettlebell today so I was content.  The goal is only 5.5lbs away.

Nothing New but the Truth

The one thing this experience is re-teaching me is that yes Nutrition is THE most important key in losing weight. Let me repeat THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN WEIGHT LOSS. Yes, something I tell my clients daily and help them with in organizing their meals and picking food choices, yet I had to experience again for myself. Have I mentioned that my Bachelors Degree is in Nutritional Sciences. This diet has given me focus. Whether I really like it or not really doesn’t matter at this point. The fact is it has helped me prioritize and see what I have been doing. I really haven’t changed my workout routine much at all. The only think I have changed is the diet and the scale is moving. I actually think I did more conditioning prior to this and the scale didn’t change at all. As much as I thought I was watching what I was eating I was eating too much.Period. The hunger thing has also been an insight. Guys much bigger and stronger than me didn’t bitch about the hunger nearly as much as I did. It finally helped me realize that my meals at times are too big and I was eating way too much at night. The quality of my food was good but the quantity was off. Just like I have my clients keep diet journals when they are trying to lose weight I failed to follow my own instructions.

On a another note I am getting all of my stuff together to put a book together and this experiment has really got the ball rolling!

Already thinking about the NEXT CHALLENGE

I am starting to plan my next challenge and blog after the Velocity Diet. I am getting ready for RKC level 2 the first week of July so I have to play it safe with my training. I can’t afford to get injured so my idea of blogging on doing crossfit for a month is out. Plus I really don’t have it in me do random acts of exercise designed by someone that doesn’t even workout and test my strength at RKC 2. I may have to wait till after. I am also considering doing the Dan John 40 Day workout after RKC2 or take a spin at P90X (why not). The interesting thing is whatever program I start after July will set me up for the next Tactical Strength Challenge so we shall see what I choose to do. By the way we will be hosting it at Evolution Fitness in September. The date hasn’t been set yet but join the newsletter to stay posted for upcoming events and workshops. Email me any thoughts or ideas.

Remember Strength is the Key! Great Video

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Velocity Diet Day 15: Best Day Yet and Boobs

I don’t know if I turned the corner or what but today was awesome. Hunger was much better and just felt in the zone.  Started with a great walk with my daughter and walked about 2miles again. I then went to my gym and did a double kettlebell complex workout. I decided to go light and just do a short smoker of a workout. After my foam rolling and some Get-ups, the workout lasted 9minutes. Yes with light weight and I was smoked. I didn’t have a bunch of time cause I needed to my daughter to Gymnastics at the Little Gym.  The workout looked like this:  Double 35lb bells (70lbs total) 6 swings, 6 cleans, 6 presses, 6 squats, 6 renegade rows on each arm. Repeated it for 6 rounds. Finished in about 8minutes and 50Seconds Done….. Since I went Heavy on Monday with my lifts, I decided to go lighter today. Friday will be a bit heavier again and Saturday will be conditioning based. The one thing I have learned over the years with training is that lighter weight days have a benefit especially when focusing on speed and explosiveness. Going heavy and intense all the time has consistently broken me over the years. A total of 216 repetitions, and 12,000 pounds moved. That is still a lot of tonnage.

Losing weight and gaining strength

I haven’t tested it yet but my workouts are strong. One big mistake people make when trying to lose weight is they lose muscle. Why is that? They decide to diet and then do lots of cardio. This is a great recipe for losing muscle, decreasing your metabolism(which lets the weight come on faster), and just be a smaller and still softer version of yourself. The term is called skinny fat. Sounds harsh I know, but being skinny fat isn’t much healthier than just being over weight.  Actually I know a good few people that may have some extra weight on their body that are much healthier than someone that can fit into a size 4-6 jeans. But unfortunately anorexic models are still setting the unrealistic and unhealthy standard.
Bottom line science supports it. Aerobic activity alone makes your muscles weak, bones brittle, and is for sissies. Sorry, but if you are still doing cardio because you think its all you need to be healthy then change your thinking. So now that I am off my rant. The point of this is, that I am still lifting heavy to keep and gain muscle while losing body fat. I am 10 pounds lighter and still pressed the 40kg Kettlebell with ease. If I decided to just get skinny and do cardio and follow the velocity diet I would bet that I would be a few pounds lighter and a good many pounds weaker as well.

Pictures of Day!

Ok so a funny joke. My friend Garret Smith NMD after my 2 day in a row of shirtless pics said “danny your acting like a girl showing off her new boobs”. I cracked up for about 2ominutes.  Well it is boob time again. Really this diet is working. I didn’t get a weight first thing in the morning, but after a big shake and some water I weighed 185 which probably has me closer to 183-184. So without further ado here are the boobs!

Day 15 PICS on the Velocity Diet. Evolution Fitness Tucson Kettlebell TrainingDay 15 pictures on the Velocity Diet at Evolution Fitness Systems Tucson Kettlebell

JUst for Reference: You can see Day 1 and Day 7 here.

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Day 14: The Hangover

Last nights indulgence had its wrath today. I don’t consume alcohol and won’t touch the stuff. Last night’s eating frenzy caused hangover like effects this morning and all day with out remorse. Yes, food caused all the same symptoms I used to feel from alcohol (minus blackouts, urinating on the neighbors lawn,  and calls to security). Woke up in a fog this morning and had to struggle with everything, I had to force myself out of bed and I was miserable. My stomach hurt his morning and I didn’t have an appetite at all. I actually waited until almost 10:30am to have my morning shake and it wasn’t because I wanted it either. I would have waited longer but I knew I needed to have some fuel in my system. I didn’t have my next one till 2:15pm in the afternoon, and again it was more of a have to rather than being hungry. I just finished my 3rd shake at 7:30pm.  I don’t know if it was the quantity of food I ate or the gluten consumed, but either way I learned my lesson of being gluttonous. I actually felt the inflammation in my body today. Hands and feet felt a bit swollen and face was definitely puffier. These are usually the symptoms I get when I eat Gluten. So if you have these symptoms sometimes after a meal or just suffer from them in general I would recommend cutting out the gluten from your diet for 2 weeks and see how you feel. Then add it back in and see if the symptoms return. If you are not familiar with gluten it is found foods that contain wheat, rye, and barley. So that means bread, pasta, cracked wheat, and many processed foods as well. I had no excuse. I know I can’t eat it and I chose to last night.  Really as the day went on the symptoms didn’t get any better and I have never had the intensity of symptoms as I did today. So if you attempt this diet I would strongly recommend to follow the guidelines of lean protein, veggies,  a serving of a starch, and a fruit.


Even with the nasty feeling I had going on I still went for my 2 mile walk today. I am grateful it wasn’t a workout day because that would not have happened with how I was feeling. I can’t tell you enough how much I am really enjoying my walks. No matter what happens on this diet, the addition of walks in my life has been so awesome. I really hope to continue on, and make it a habit that started from this diet. Really it has turned to a form of meditation for me. Remember these are walks, not jogs, runs, or sprints. On the topic , I  can’t stand jogging and don’t allow my clients to do it. If you are a running athlete that is one thing, but running to get in shape is not something I usually recommend.

Half Way Point

Today is day 14 and it marks the half way point. I am very optimistic at this point. I really think that my weight will be at least at 178-180. I am getting used to the shakes and I am doing my best not to fight this thing. I am learning a lot about myself, food, meditation, will power, persistence, and discipline. Really making it through this diet is definitely an accomplishment in my opinion.

The Donger needs food!

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Day 13: Sloth, Pride, Envy, Greed, Wrath, Lust, and ……. I forget

First off a big happy 2 year Anniversary to my beautiful wife Selma. It has been an amazing couple of years. I left an overworked underpaid job, started a gym, and we had an awesome little girl. She is 15 months old (If you do the math it works out just right:-)) I honestly get the saying “behind every successful man is a strong woman.”. My life really did take off in every way after meeting my wife. She kind of gave me superpowers, no I am not kidding she is that great.

The Workout

Today was my deadlift/pressing/and pullup workout. Honestly my deadlift just feels heavy. I worked up to a single of 385 and it felt heavy today. My best lift ever has been 430 and that felt lighter than 385 did today, but I got through the workout. Honestly though anything above 350 feels heavy to me. I pressed the 62lb bell for sets of 8 and supers setted with strict pullups for 10 reps. The funny thing is pullups still fell the same even though I have lost weight. As my friend Garrett pointed out it is probably a mental thing of me thinking “this is where it gets hard”. My energy level was very good during the workout though. I started sipping the recovery shake that has higher carbs about an hour before the workout and sipped on it throughout the workout. It definitely helped.

The Scale

Today I weighed in at 184.8, that is 9.2lbs. First time under 185 in over a year and a half and over half way to my goal. That is until Dinner tonight…….

The Dinner

I almost don’t want to admit what or how much I ate. The rules for the Meal are a lean protein, a pile of veggies, a starch, and a fruit. Well Mine looked something like this:

Tucson Kettlebell Training, Kettlebell Workshops, Nutrition, Personal Training

The Gulf, Chef Creek, and Gold Mantle were Oysters all consumed by me. I believe the total is 18 oysters. For my wife’s sake I hope it’s not true what they say about oysters. I continued on with the Bouilliabase which is a Seafood stew that included half a lobster and lots of fish. I took a picture of the aftermath but forgot to take the before!!.

Oysters from Blue Fin, Evolution Tucson KettlebellKEttlebell Training and Personal Training at Evolution Tucson

Then came desert. Carmel Toffee Cheesecake.
Cheesecake at Bluefin Tucson

OK, so I screwed the pooch tonight.  I am only human. My wife actually said “babe I have never seen you eat so much”. Since I have lost a good amount of weight on this diet in 12 days I am not so worried about a set back. And though a good feeding can stimulate thyroid activity I still over shot the mark tonight. Actually it would have been an OK meal except for the cheesecake at the end. I was really surprised that my body actually put away that much food after living on shakes. This video is how I feel right now!!

Yes I indulged on my anniversary but it could be worse.  I have stuck to this diet perfectly up to this point and I will continue on for another 2 weeks.

I am definitely learning a lot on this diet because I feel so challenged. I know many people have done this diet and did it with ease. That hasn’t been my case. Fill you in more tomorrow!!!

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