Strength Strength and Strength

One of the biggest challenges I have as a training facility owner is building a business of regular and consistent group clients. There is lots of competition out there. With every big box gym offering free Zumba, Spinning, and so called Kick Boxing Classes (but your really not kicking or boxing anything but don’t tell the ladies that actually tape their hands before shadow boxing for an hour) for $30 bucks a month, why would someone spend a $100 more per month to train in my groups? I could go into the explanations of the quality of instruction since I actually teach and coach my classes rather than dance and act like a damn cheerleader during class, or the fact that each client must go through a Movement screen before even entering a class, but do people really care about that? Not really. They want fun, they want dance, and they want to socialize. I have to say many of my client’s have fun and get their behinds kicked but there is no dancing. So what is the biggest reason…. Strength. Training strength in the main stream is non existent. Somewhere between Oprah, shape magazine, and Gold’s Gym selling out to the mainstream, high repetition bicep curls and ellipticals became the thing to do. Unfortunately the result has been creating a generation of skinny fat osteoporotic individuals. Somewhere along the line women were told that strength training will “BULK” them up and men were told that high rep training is better for getting ripped. Then someone marketed a scam called muscle confusion which adds nothing more than more confusion.

Strength is trained normally between 1 and 10 repetitions. There are numerous ways program strength within these parameters that are effective, but if you are lifting 12-20 repetitions and can do more reps at the end, all of  the sweat in the world won’t make you stronger or benefit your fitness. Also, in these repetition ranges the ability to increase muscle mass and improve your metabolism are non-existent. In many of my classes we actually train between 3 and 6 repetitions much of the time and not once have I heard “I am getting too bulky” from a female. The reality is to lift for strength you need to lift heavier than you normally would lift. There is NO BENEFIT of lifting a 5 lb dumbbell 20 times, nada, zip. It is actually counter productive and a waste of time. How many times throughout the day do you think to yourself ” I really need to lift 5 pounds better?” You don’t. We usually say I am really struggling lifting my 25 pound daughter or the 50 pound suitcase. So why would you train with whimpy weights and expect to get stronger. Yes that means that when you load a bar in body pump class to do 5o repetitions you are actively going to get a bit weaker over time.  The body adapts to the way we train. We need to train by continually progressing and challenging the body. Many people want to look like certain athletes and athletes lift for strength.

Recently Gweneth Paltrow was diagnosed with osteopenia. Many have blamed here ridiculous diet but if you read the blurb it the attached article it explains her workout of light resistance bands and light weight. I don’t need any more evidence than that. One of the biggest preventions against osteoporosis is loaded resistance training, not high repetition training with light weight. For the guys out there… Men lift real weight and the loading the leg press machine doesn’t count.

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Free Tucson Kettlebell Workshop, January 15th

If you have been interested in learning what the big deal is with kettlebell training is then you are invited to a free workshop at Evolution Fitness on Saturday Morning  January 15th at 9am.  Please RSVP by emailing us at or call 445-6800. At Evolution we have a thoughtful approach to training. We focus on form and technique as the cornerstone of our training programs. Just doing high intensity training focusing on movement and form means nothing. In this session we will teach the basics of the RKC hardstyle swing and the Goblet Squat. If you are interested in joining we have a few great deals for January going on right now!!! If you have been interested in training with Evolution here are what some of our client’s have said watch the videos or read more testimonials….

best shape of my life!!! Rated 10 out of 10
i was turning 40 and was very over weight,sad,and had no energy, not to mention depressd..danny said i wld b in the best shape of my life if i stuck to a routine with him and workd out swinging a kettlebell.. so in january i startd , by may 1st( my 40th i cld run 4 miles and i was the healthiest i had ever been and in “the best shape of my life” danny changed my life and showd me a different way of working out, i am no longer bored and i am addictd to my kettlebell. I am finally gettn cardio and weights at the same time..thank you danny for caring enough to teach me the KETTLEBELL.
michelle smallwood – tucson,az
Tremendous learning in very short time Rated 10 out of 10
I have been playing with a kettlebell on my own for a month or so, watching youtube videos etc (lot of obviously poor bio-mechanics even from so called experts!!!). I just had a private kb session w/ Danny focusing on the basic/foundation, the swing. He immediately keyed in on places I was stiff or holding, where my alignment was off etc. then taught me corrective action in very clear, easy to “get” way. Having been injured a number of times in various sports over the years so I particularly appreciated his obvious focus on avoiding injury, preventing problems before they become problems. Also, I was very impressed by his ability to spot leftover patterns from old injuries and offer correctives.
One thing I know is a great teacher when I see one, and Danny is that for sure!

Geoffrey Levens – Oracle, AZ (a bit north of Tucson)
Knows what he is doing Rated 10 out of 10
I started training with Danny 6 months ago. I have been involved in some gym activity for the last 20 years, yet Danny has shown me that I was doing most of the exercises incorrectly. Danny taught me kettle bells and correct form, allowing me to make gains that I had not been able to in the past. Danny’s knowledge and attitude show that he loves what he does and has a true passion for the sport. He is always trying to improve himself and his clients.

Danny thanks for making me do it right!
Dave – Tucson, AZ

Danny changed my life (and body) Rated 10 out of 10
I started working with Danny 5 months ago. In that time, my body has gone from flabby to fit. He is a pleasure to work with and has a great personality. His stress on form has made my workouts safe and effective. He has something different to do every day so the workouts don’t get routine. Danny is the best!
Jack Roberts – Tucson, AZ
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Lessons of 2010…

This has been an amazing year with Many lessons learned and many goals achieved.  Many people look to the New Year with a sense of renewal and hope. Not to say that I don’t look optimistically towards 2011, but I have to say 2010 will always have a special place in my heart.

1.   Following your dreams is priceless…….if you are prepared for the ride.

After years of contemplation and the experience to back the dream, starting Evolution Fitness was the best move ever. It is one thing to have a bit of experience and motivation, and an entire different scenario to take action.  As my friend Dave told me before I started this…. “Danny this aint for the faint of heart”. He couldn’t have been more right. But no matter what, dreams always involve a risk. My Family is amazing and without them this would not have been even a wink of a possibility.  I was falsely promised numerous opportunities over the years by employers that wanted to retain my services, yet they never came through. And for that I am GRATEFUL!!!! for I would have never really followed my dreams, but only helped fulfill theirs.

2. Know your Philosophy and follow it!

This goes beyond the fitness and health field. What is it that you believe in? I see to many gyms and companies that use a shot gun approach to business. I worked for a company once that said they were about hard core training yet they would have cardio kickboxing (which isn’t kickboxing)  classes and do fun “Zumba” classes for fun.  I learned this year to stick to a guiding philosophy and dancing aerobics doesn’t fit into it so you won’t see me buying into it at all. Neither will I buy into muscle confusion workouts, pilates, or Crossfit no matter how popular they become. If it works for you that is fine but it’s not what I believe in.   Each decision that is made must line up with my beliefs as a professional and doing high repetition olympic lifts for time doesn’t do it for me. I may seem intolerant of other opinions at times but I can honestly stand behind what I believe in. It doesn’t matter what tool you use, kettlebell, barbell, bodyweight…. what are you doing with them and how are you programming it. As for tolerance  it may have to be a lesson of 2011 :-)
I know for training these points are true to me:

  • Always base a program off of human movement first
  • Strength built upon healthy movement is the foundation of any program: and it doesn’t mean lifting heavy things to total exhaustion and devastation.
  • Aerobics should only be supplemental, if you want to improve your aerobic capacity train anaerobically.
  • High rep / low weight training is pointless and is for sissies

3.Value Your Worth

This is something I see too many crumble on. I remember years ago I was a recruiter for company that recruited high level engineers. I watched my boss work a deal when he was negotiating a salary. The conversation went back and forth and after a near agreement was made, the client tried to squeeze out another $5000. My boss stopped the conversation and said very loudly “THIS is NOT A  DAMN FLEA MARKET!”  I will never forget that moment and I am grateful for it. There is a difference between over pricing your services and underselling them. I have many colleagues that charge significantly less then I do and a few that charge a bit more. I had an old client recently try and price me against a competitor of mine for a better deal. Guess what, she went with the lower priced trainer, and……. I filled in her spot with someone willing to pay me what my prices are. There was a bit of fear watching $1200 walk out the door,  but at the same time NOT  underselling my worth was priceless.  This isn’t to say I wouldn’t help someone whom is financially tight, but at the same time honoring myself as professional is key to my survival as a business. If someone wants lower quality training I am more happy to refer them to some other trainers. As for myself, I spend more in a year  in continuing education than many trainers spend in their career. There is a level of service in what I bring to my clients that is hard to be found in my area  and I know it.

4. Education and Constant Learning is the Key to Success

Continually growing as a professional and learning more has been key! Increasing the tools to help others progress is priceless and has helped differentiate my business from others. It has also provided me a network of awesome trainers around the country that I have been able to network with and build some great friendships with. Each time I attend a good seminar or certification I come back a renewed vigor for my career. There is nothing I can’t stand more than a trainer that buys the CEU books online and takes the fill in the blank test to submit for mandatory Continuing education units.

5. Train for a goal and have a purpose!

I have been guilty of random acts of training throughout my life, so it is hard for me to judge others that are currently making the mistakes I have made. I use to design the craziest workouts and see if I could do them. They were intense and would wreck and devastate anyone who attempted them. The fact was I had great conditioning that would be unreal until my body just broke down and my CNS was shot and severe adrenal fatigue would set in and I was in pain for a month. I did the WOD thing and found another great way to completely over train and treat my body like trash. If my purpose was to run my body into the ground then I was successful. Learning how to prioritize and program goals has been a powerful lesson.

6. Opportunity arrises out of hardship

This past June I suffered a herniated disc in my neck that brought me to my knees for over 3 months. I couldn’t train and was miserable. I woke up in pain everyday and was wondering if it would ever heal and if I would return to working out. I tried numerous anti-inflammatories, epideral shots in my neck, and saw doctor after doctor with no relief.  I finally sought the services of a Naturopathic Doctor that found alternative treatment that started me on the path to healing using cold laser therapy. From that experience I have gained a new friend in Dr. Garrett Smith. We have since signed a contract and will be co-hosting a radio show together on the weekends. I am pretty sure that without that herniated disc the radio show wouldn’t have happened. Kind of funny how things work out, but now I am grateful for that painful 3 months.

7. Being a father is the important and best job in the world

Looking at my little girl being born last January was the best day of my life and every day since then has been better.  Watching each of her expressions change every day, seeing her whole entire face smile, and hearing her laugh while she jumps up and down are just precious.  I always knew that being a dad would be awesome, but just didn’t know how awesome until it happened. The gym, the money, and all of the other things in this world don’t matter without my family.

8. The saying ” Behind every successful man is strong woman”, is true!!

When I was at the end of patience with my last job I looked at my wife and said what should I do? She looked at me and said “baby just do your own thing, what the hell are you waiting for?” My head spun with the fact that we had a 4 month old baby to feed and the fear was overwhelming. My wife had survived a civil war in her home country when she was a teenager and her inner strength and life experience is something I will never fully be able to grasp. She would tell me how bombs would go off next to her house and the horrors of war beyond my grasp. Her living conditions didn’t have running water, heat in the snowy winter, or fresh food to eat for a couple of years. She then reminded me that starting a business would not be anywhere close to that.  She didn’t have the fear, and I needed that strength to take the risk because I didn’t have it by myself.

9. Thank God Daily

I do and it has made all the difference. Period.

I am sure there are other lessons to learn and many that I did not mention. To all of you that took the time to read,  thank you.  I wish all of you a prosperous and blessed 2011,

God Bless,


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The New Years Resolution….is it a thing of the past?

As a professional trainer over the past 10 years I have witnessed numerous trends, fads, gimmicks, and strait up frauds. The New Years Resolution has been the lifeline of many a fitness club and personal trainer for years and years. I remember working at my first big box gym in 2001. The hype for New years was non stop. The marketing and build up was out of control. They actually started cleaning the equipment for the upcoming shoppers. Though I had never really tried to lose weight for New Years I assumed it would be big. The gym I worked at would normally sell about 200 memberships per month on an average month. That January we sold over 400 memberships. Nearly double what a normal month would bring in. For many gyms January can make or break the entire year! The gym that is normally busy at 6pm at night is now over crowded with a wait on the treadmills. The gym regulars are annoyed at the new found inspiration of the person that has now decided to turn over a new leaf. But as we all know by the beginning of March the gym would return back to normal.

Over the years New Years resolutions tend to disappoint the gym owner as much as the potential client that actually wants to lose weight this year. Year after year January continues to be the busiest month of the year for many gyms but over the past 3-4 years the increased popularity has definitely dwindled a bit. Over the past 3 years the economy has been the blame for poor membership sales of may big box and commercial gym chains big and small. Though the economy has taken a hit,  I firmly believe that average consumer spending $30/month on a gym membership or $200 month boot camp is really not the issue. Starbucks is still booming and at $4 per cup of latte. $4/day x 7 days per week x 4.3 weeks per month equals $120/month in sugared up fat right to the ass coffee. Here are a few thoughts that I have on the decline of the new years resolution at the gym.

Once a Victim Twice a Volunteer:

There are  a good few people that have just been burned too many times by the fitness industry. They are conned by the so called Fitness Counselor (a professional name for the guy that just switched jobs from selling cell phones in the mall to  doing an intro with the gym manager whom also just read a pamphlet on the benefits of exercise, but now he is going to guide you in your journey of fitness success as a professional fitness counselor). Believe me we have all heard the script about metabolism and increases in muscle mass that are going to be your guiding forces as well as a solid fitness plan that will encourage you to use these wonderful machines that you sit in and press weight. What they don’t tell you is how to appropriately program your workouts which is the real results behind working out. With the right program you don’t need any of the equipment, but they won’t tell you that. You just signed a year contract, he made his commission, and unless you purchase training from the training department to teach you how to use the worthless machines, you don’t know where to go except to the treadmills and ellipticals, yeah!!!!!!

Boot Camp Blues

I would love to see the statistic of people that actually stick to a boot camp regularly over years and months. The invention of the boot camp which brought much attention and success to group training may also be the demise of group training. Every college student and trainer that wants to make a quick buck will have a boot camp at the park.  A little bit of money from lots of people always works well. Any knucklehead can put together a workout in the park, throw some running and push ups together and smoke the hell out of you. The thing that I have witnessed is that boot camps usually overshoot the mark. Most people I see in boot camps have no business running and sprinting in the first place. But what happens, they run, and do sit ups and crunches (the stupidest exercise ever). There is no quality control. People have had bad experiences out there with inexperienced trainers and the word is out. I hear the horror stories all the time.  Now not all boot camps are horrible but if you look at the generalities I wouldn’t let my loved ones jump into one.

Haven’t I Seen this Before??

Here is a quick rant! What does Richard Simmons Sweating to the Oldies, Jazzercise, Body Pump, Cardio Kickboxing, Zumba, and Body pump have in common….. Everything! Its all the same, the only thing that has changed is the music. It is all Aerobic based training that only trains your Type I muscle fibers. Only training your Type I muscle fibers leads can lead to muscle loss, decreased metabolism, and decrease in strength and muscle.  The fat loss from Aerobic training alone is not nearly as effective as strength training combined with anaerobic training.  Ask your fitness counselor between the difference of Type I and Type II muscle fibers and how to train them and why it is important.  The newest fad is this class where you bang on stability balls with sticks to mimic Guitar Hero except you are a drummer, guess what… still the same thing. Now before you go on and tell me that it is better than doing nothing… I will say that these types of classes being used as a supplement to strength training may be beneficial to assist in some additional weight loss, but only as a supplement, and just being better than doing nothing isn’t worth my time.  If all of these classes worked then the people you see going in and out the doors day after day should be seeing results…right? And by the way don’t call it Kickboxing unless you are actually making contact with another human being, please don’t insult real athletes that kickbox.

At Home Fitness

With the P90X having it’s own channel it is hard to avoid it. Why spend $400-$500 for a years membership to the local gym when you can work out at home with the results promised with the new phenomenon of the Beach Body Inc series of products.  The good news for gym owners is that this too will fade out soon enough. Any smart consumer can buy a used one on craigslist, ebay, and amazon, and those that have tried it once have already had enough of it. Numerous of my orientations that I sign up for training at some point have purchased or have done the P90X or other workouts similar. Though it is decent starter program, the muscle confusion principal is false and can only take you so far. People also get sick and tired of working out at home to get away from the kids, husband, etc……

As the owner of training facility I always love a flux of new clients, but my business doesn’t depend on having one huge month. It is about building relationships with my clients and developing a place where people feel like they are progressing and seeing results. The programming behind each of the workouts are about progressing strength and conditioning, it is not about just sweating or creating total devastation of the Central Nervous System. Referrals are the best way to build a business and when people are ready to commit to a training goal then they know where to come. People are done with the gimmicks and cute ad copy that makes you scroll to the bottom of the page with the blinking picture that says “Commit Now”(to the same old crap)!!


Put all the gyms aside and all the gimmicks. I think many people just may have been tired of lying to themselves. after 5 years of the same resolution they now stand 30 pounds heavier than they were 5 years ago……. Honestly the most committed clients I have don’t come in on a resolution. The make a decision to change their life. The kids, the husband, the wife, the job, and the in-laws are no longer an excuse to those the truly succeed.

The biggest suggestion to the soon to be New Years resolution candidate is to do your homework. Don’t just listen to salesman pitching you the membership and training package. Do your homework on the facility or the trainer you are about to hire.  Too many people have been burned by the gimmicky crap during this time of year.  Being lured in by No enrollment fees special and shiny equipment  the problem is people hhave no clue what they really are purchasing or what they need. It isn’t the fault of the gyms but rather the consumer for not educating yourself. It amazes me that someone will spend months researching the car they want to purchase but they will blindly trust a gym or a trainer with their body.  Be smart, ask questions, and do your research. One last point, Strength is the answer and if they tell you that you will find it in an aerobics class or 12-15 reps, just smile and walk away.

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Evolution Tucson On the FM Dial!

We are so very excited to announce that Myself and Dr. Garrett Smith NMD will hosting a talk radio show that will cover topics on Health, Strength, and Fitness!! The program is scheduled to start on Sunday, January 16th 2011 at 11am -noon. It will air every Sunday from 11am-noon. It will  broadcast live on 104.1FM in Tucson Arizona. We will also be podcasting the episodes and they will be offered live on our websites! This truly an exciting time for us and we thank you for your support and  look forward to bringing a new edge to health and fitness to Arizona. We will be taking live calls with your questions on topics and have amazing guest speakers from around the country that are experts in the fields of nutrition, health, and strength training.

If you know Dr. Garrett Smith or myself you know our stance on nutrition, strength training, health, and exercise is not the standard information you hear from muscle and fitness magazines and from the fitness sales counselors at the gym. We will bring a scientific and thought provoking approach to everything we do.  So if you have those burning questions on why you are struggling to lose weight, or which workout program you should try, ………. then tune in on Sundays starting January 16th on 104.1. the Truth FM from 11am-12pm.  For more updates andinformation join the newsletter at!!! If you are interested in sponsorship, endorsement, or advertising opportunities then contact Danny Sawaya at 520-445-6800 or

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Holiday Specials!!!


6 weeks of Group with Introduction class to learn kettlebell technique $179 (save over$100)


Sign up for 6 months of kettlebells: PAY ONLY $49 to start THAT is IT, then pay only $129 per month after that

ONE on ONE Training

4- 1 hour sessions Personal Training : $229 (save over $90)

8- 30 minute Personal Training Sessions $279

Whether you are looking for Corrective Exercise, weight loss, or precise kettlebell instruction for form and technique then we have a program for you.

We are Tucson’s elite gym for Kettlebell training.

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Kettlebells in Tucson


Kettlebell Training at Evolution Tucson was featured on KVOA Channel 4. We were honored that they chose us at Evolution to show what the benefits of kettlebells are to Tucson. The interview was much longer but atleast I got a sentence in. At Evolution Fitness we don’t just dabble in kettlebells. We use them to build strength. From strength comes the benefits of weight loss and vitality.  We have clients that have reversed the affects of Arthritis, high blood pressure, and are off or on lowered doses of many medications.  Our workouts are programed based on physiology not on dancing to the beat of the music or fitness fad.

Working out without strength is as pointless as running on a treadmill and actually trying to get across the room. for more information on our programs call us at 520-445-6800 or visit our other homepage

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The Elusive Core

The Elusive Core

Here we go, another article on the core. There are a few schools of thought on this topic. Unfortunately, many are so misguided and off point that it has created a bunch of confusion. Here is a quick drill. Quick… What is the first image that pops into your head when you think of core……

Let me guess, a 6 pack or a lean stomach. Yes, the rectus abdominus (6pack muscle) is a part of the core, but it is only a part of the core. Actually, many people that I see working the 6 pack muscles are actually compromising true core strength by over dominating one side of the equation. Doing crunches and sit ups is NOT THE ANSWER!!! They actually cause more back pain and imbalances than any other exercise. Think about it, hundreds of practiced repetitions of trying to bring the chest closer to the hips. Unless you are trying to revert back the evolutionary chain and walk bent over STOP doing stupid crunches. Doing sit-ups does not train your core muscles.It trains them to do things incorrectly. Abdominals are actually meant to help you resist over extending and keeping your spine straight and secure. Stuart McGill a Spine specialist and world renowned author is a very big opponent of crunches and sit-ups. In everyday life, “the abdominals are braces,” says McGill, when doing any athletic movement—even opening a door—“the spine is in a neutral posture, not flexed, and the abdominal muscles are contracted to brace the spine.”

Here is a drill. Stand up, place your fingers on your abdominals. Start to bend backwards. What do you feel. You should feel your abs start to tighten and resist the extension. In doing a really great abdominal exercise such as the AB wheel think about the hardest part on the abs, if you have done them then you know it is the lowering phase while your body is extending. Crunches put tons of pressure on the discs and those of you that are doing thousands of cruches or GHD crossfit style sit ups are asking for trouble. It is not me giving my opinion, it is based on science, argue with McGill not me. McGill is an Icon in this field and I will tend to take his word over those that promote these other moves, period.

This also means the that doing the sit-ups with full extensions over a stability ball are also inappropriate and should be stopped.One more thing….. Doing supersets with back extensions does not even out the posterior and anterior chain of the body or reverse the damage of thousands of crunches. There are numerous other ways of training the abs appropriately that involve learning to brace the abs combined with breathing techniques that will stabilize the core and abdominal regions.

The understanding that needs to be reached is that there are a series of muscles involved with the core and not just what we see in the mirror or in our swimsuits. The outer core is actually made up of the Erector Spinae(muscles along the back), Hamstrings(back of the legs), Rectus Abdominus (6 pack), Rectus Femoris (main quad muscle), Gluteals(muscles of the buttocks), Lattisimus Dorsi (back muscles), and obliques(sides of body and rib cage area). There are others as well but I wanted to get the point across that if you are just focusing on the rectus abdominus then you are creating a wonderful imbalance that actually makes your core weak.

There could be an entirely different article that focuses on the internal core muscles such as the spinal stabilizers and transverse abdominus. These muscles are absolutely not trained by stability ball and GHD sit-ups and actually put at a compromise when doing so. Also, if you sit on your butt all day it is probably not strong, it is probably stretched out creating a huge instability and lack of strength in your over all core. The answer is to strengthen your butt with good full body movements such as deep squats and increasing hip flexor flexibility. Please don’t do the glute machine at the gym.

So what exercises do I recommend? Well, the Turkish Get Up is my favorite. It involves great core activation that will focus all of the key principles of core training. Side planks, knee planks, full planks, ab wheel exercises, stir the pots as well as a few others. Here are some video links to check out some good core exercise. Also, if done correctly pull-ups, squats, and one arm kettlebell presses are amazing for strengthening the core, it is just crucial that they are executed correctly to engage the correct area.

One more last big no no. Do not practice drawing in your spine. I know that some(not all) Pilates instructors and trainers que to pull the belly button back toward the spine. It is not appropriate nor does it make you strong. If you have questions on it feel free to contact me and I will give you first hand example as to why. Again, don’t shoot the messenger. Talk to the professionals in the field that have done the research and work to really show what makes you stronger and not, because at the end of the day really it is about strength and power. I don’t care if you are 80 years old, it is about strength and power. If you don’t think so, ask anyone that is aging and have lost power what they would do to get power and strength back. The fact is they would go to any lengths to get it back, and it all starts with a strong core.

Here are some links to a few other great articles and videos!

Danny Sawaya RKC, CSCS, CK-FMS
Owner Evolution Fitness Systems

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Sandbag Training in Tucson

Evolution Tucson is excited to host Josh Henkin’s Ultimate Sandbag training workshop on February 19th 2011.  All of the pre-sales information and registration will be up soon. Ultimate Sandbag Training in Tucson, brought to you by Evolution Fitness

So why are we bringing sandbag training to Evolution Fitness? We already use kettlebells, TRX, Rowers, and Pullup bars.  Do we really need more? Well the Sandbag does add another dimension that I really believe in.  If I ever start holding Zumba or Body Pump classes then you can start to worry. Sandbag training falls in line with our philosophy of full body functional movement that can be used to focus on strength and power while always utilizing the core.  As long as a tool will fit in to our philosophy we will seek to incorporate it into our program. So what can a sandbag do that a kettlebell or medicine ball can’t already do? Well in you can do Turkish Get-ups, snatches, cleans, squats and many other moves with both.  A few differences are within the weight displacement of each of the tools and the ways each of them are handled. Doing a Turkish Get-up with a kettlebell above head is awesome for full body core strength, shoulder mobility and stabilization. Doing the same move with a sandbag changes the load completely by placing it over the shoulder and almost like carrying a human body.If I am working with a client that is in fighting sports or the military, then sandbags are great for mimicking carrying body weight in numerous different positions. It’s not that one is better than the other, they actually compliment each other very much and  I am excited to bring this training to Tucson. Josh Henkin has been very innovative in applying kettllebells, Sandbags, and TRX training. Check out this video with some of the great exercises.

Contact us at Evolution Tucson for more information on the upcoming Workshop on February 19th. Ultimate Sandbag training in Tucson Arizona.

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Lets Talk about Training Philosophy

So there are numerous aspects of physical training, fat loss solutions, and strength and conditioning. There are numerous ways of doing it right and not only one answer, and unfortunately numerous ways of just doing it wrong. First think about where are you receiving your information form. Numerous fitness and exercise companies have jumped on this muscle confusion philosophy that everything is so randomized and long term gains in strength are rarely seen. Then there is the Les Mills philosophy adopted by the Gold’s Gyms and LA Fitnesses of the world, ” Make it fun and make it sweat”.  For the most part some of these solutions have a role in training if these two principles a guiding your training philosophy 2 things will happen.  You will see results in the beginning and then then figure out that you haven’t seen any gains is strength or weight loss for months but you don’t know what to do. So you either keep doing it because it is now a habit or B) you drop out because why bother if you are not seeing results, or C) you find something that will work.  I see way to many gyms and training studios just buying in to the hype. I see it lots here in my home town of Tucson, but I know it happens everywhere.

The God Father of fitness, Gold’s Gym even sold out. The mecca of big men lifting weights sold out to Body Pump Classes and latin music for money. I encourage you to look at your current gym or studio you are training at or looking to train at.  Ask to visit and watch classes really look at their website. Ask them what their philosophy is. If their website is promoting and is an affiliate of every Body Building, Powerlifting, Olympic lifting, P-90X, Cross-fit, Grivey SPort Kettlebell Training, Hardstyle Kettlebell Training, High Repetition training, Endurance Running, The Whole wheat diet, and then the Paleo Diet,…….. what do they believe in except trying to rope in people by shooting a shot gun in a crowd to see who they can catch.

I am not saying that any of the above philosophies are bad (maybe some other time). But what is it? Do you believe in progressing in strength and conditioning, or just kicking the crap out of people with high intensity and high volume training and then mixing it up consistently to make people feel like they got a good workout in.  Also look at the owners of these gyms and philosophies. Do these Gurus of the philosophy or owners of the gym you attend workout? Do they practice what they preach? Do they talk about form in your orientations and then totally lack corrections when you are taking a class? Have they attempted the workout they just put you through? Or are they stuck behind a computer working on marketing strategies instead of managing their business.

At Evolution Fitness we train for strength and conditioning bottom line. Each workout is well thought out and programmed over numerous weeks. Yes you will lose weight, yes you will increase performance, but it is not just about coming up with intense workouts. We believe in tracking strength, and conditioning, and always, always, always focus on form. We believe in having our clients work progressions in form and technique before attempting advanced lifts. We believe in strength as a foundation of what we do, and that safety and technique just as much a part of the workout as intensity is. We follow the principles of  RKC kettlebell and strength training. We don’t say we do, then mix it up with other kettlebell styles and philosophies.

At Evolution Fitness there is no such thing as an above the head kettlebell swing or a pushup that looks like a dancing worm to get reps out.

Kettlebell Training in Tucson has never been better.

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