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January 26th, StrongFirst Kettlebell Course, Chandler Arizona

Strong First Certified in Tucson ArizonaStrongFirst Courses Arizona Phoenix tucson chandler tempeDanny Sawaya-Owner of Tucson Kettlebell is an SFG Team Leader. He will be leading an SFG Kettlebell Course at East Valley Crossfit in Chandler Arizona. We will cover the Kettlebell Swing, Squat, Getup, and Press in detail with numerous corrections and cues to ensure proper form is used. Register here..




July 12-14th StrongFirst Barbell Certification in Tucson

Strong First Certified in Tucson Arizona

Pavel, Dr. Michael Hartle and the Strongfirst Crew will be in the desert this summer to teach the first StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification in the united states1 For more information visit



StrongFirst Bodyweight Certification Returns!!! September 7-8th, 2013

Pavel and the StrongFirst Crew will return for the Bodyweight Certification. The skills learned in this Certification are truly the fundamentals of Strength. Whether you want to become better at barbells, kettlebells, or bodyweight training this workshop will make you better.. To register visit For Pictures from our last Bodyweight Certification visit the album on facebook.

Primal Move Certification in Tucson, Arizona February 23rd, 2013Primal Move in Tucson Arizona 


JUNE 2nd and 3rd, 2012, 70′s Big, Justin Lascek will be presenting a workshop at Evolution Tucson !! Stay tuned for more information. Saturday will be a hands on Barbell Day and Sunday will deal with how to program. For more information and to register Visit 70′s Big.Com

Kettlebell Fundamentals Workshop in Tempe, Arizona at Fit Zone
June 9th, 2012 9am-3pm

Learn the fundamentals of human movement and how it applies to strength training and everyday life. We will focus on the learning the kettlebell swing, squat, and turkish get up from the perspective of an instructor. We will show appropriate corrections and alternate exercises for clients that may not be ready to progress with these exercises. We will also spend time on learning other non-traditional “core”exercises utilizing body weight, kettlebells and ropes.Register Online

Basics of Corrective Exercise

August 11th, 2012, 10am-3pm @ Evolution Fitness Tucson


We will review the FMS and joint by joint approach and use it to look at numerous scenarios that we come across with clients needing corrective exercise. We will cover Self Myofascial release, Flexibility and Mobility drills, and strength training exercises that will correct poor movement patterns. This is a hands on and lecture based workshop.Register Online

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