Tactical Strength Challenge

Evolution Fitness Systems is proud to host the Tactical Strength Challenge.

The TSC has become a huge tradition at Evolution Fitness. It doesn’t matter how strong are or if you have ever competed in an event. This isn’t a huge competition, but rather an expression of strength.  All different walks of life step up to the challenge. We host it 2x a year, usually one in the fall and one in spring.



 April 19th, 2014

Lifting Starts 11am. Weigh-ins at 10:30am

Immediately after we will have food an fun!


What is the Tactical Strength Challenge?

Pavel Tsatsouline the founder of the Russian Kettlebell Certification also started the Tactical Strength Challenge. It tests true strength of the lower body, upper body, and conditioning.

It tests a 1 Rep Max Deadlift, A max repetition of Pull-ups (strict:throat or chest have to touch the bar, no kipping), and Kettlebell Snatch competition. For a full list of the rules visit the

There are Novice, Open, and Elite classes so all are welcome to compete. Remember it really is just competing with your personal best and not anyone else.

Tucson KEttlebell and Evolution Fitness Host the Tactical Strength Challenge

We Enjoy hosting the Tactical Strength challenge as it really tests numerous aspects of strength and conditioning. The Deadlift is by far one of the truest tests of strength there is. The STRICT pull-u
p also is a very strong test of upper body and core strength and the Kettlebell Snatch test definitely put the cardiovascular conditioning to the test like nothing else.

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