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Weight Loss at Evolution Fitness. Personal Training and Kettlebell Training in TucsonI started working out at Evolution Fitness late November of Personal Training in Tucson Arizona. RKC Kettlebell tranining2011.  My daughter was almost a year old and I still had not lost the baby weight.  I had managed to lose some on my own, but between moving, taking care of an infant, and starting up work again, I felt lost.
My coworker had been working out at Evolution for a few months and highly recommended it to me.  I was hesitant in the beginning, mostly because I had never worked with kettlebells before, but also because I felt so out of shape.  I decided to give it a go and see what happened.  After taking the beginner class, I immediately fell in love with Evolution’s training philosophy.  I love how their motto is “School of Strength.”  My main goal was to lose weight, which I have, but now my main focus is to stay strong.  Danny and his staff keep me focused and motivated.
I’ve taken both group classes and personal training, and they both are effective.  The group classes are so much fun.  The personal training is great, because they focus on your specific goals.  Chris has worked with me not only on strength training, but nutrition as well.  Every cent I have spent there has been worth it, because I am a new person.
Danny and his staff treat you like family.  I can’t recommend Evolution Fitness enough.  If you’re looking not only to lose weight, but to completely reshape your body, then Evolution Fitness is for you.  Looking at my before picture, I don’t even know that person anymore.  Danny, Chris, and the rest of Evolution Fitness know what they’re doing.  If you put forth the effort, you will see results.


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