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Strong First Certified in Tucson Arizona

There are numerous philosophies of training out in the world and we don’t think we know it all but we can say that we specialize in Hardstyle Kettlebell Training that has been developed by Pavel Tsatsouline.  Pavel Tsatsouline has left the RKC and started his own organization called StrongFirst. At Tucson Kettlbell we will be following Pavel with the direction of StrongFirst. Danny Sawaya the owner of Tucson Kettlebell was promoted by Pavel to StrongFirst Team Leader, the only one in Tucson. We specialize in training individuals for both the RKC and Strong First Certifications. We have successfully helped numerous trainers successfully pass the rigorous standards of the these certifications. We also offer numerous programs in strength and fitness with not only kettlebells. We also utilize barbells and other tools in our programs.

The Most Certified Kettlebell Instructors under one roof in Tucson!

Alongside Danny Sawaya we have a fully qualified staff of certified kettlebell instructors that have studied underneath Pavel Tsatsouline and his Master Intructors. Nearly all of our Instructors hold a StrongFirst Kettlebell Certification or Hardstyle Kettlebell Certification.

Danny Sawaya SFG Team Leader

Courtenay Epperson, SFG

Jacqueline Luciano SFG

Sergio Giardini SFG

Tom Edling SFG

Jeanine Palmieri HKC

Aracely Favel HKC


We are dedicated to having a unique experience as a school of strength, having specific goals of performance always in mind. This isn’t your average fitness class at a gym and this also is not a workout with only intensity madness in mind either. There is a purpose for each workout based in technique practice, strength training, and conditioning.

If you are ready to take your strength and conditioning to the next level, and lose fat and gain muscle then give us  a  call. All classes are held at Evolution Fitness.


Danny Sawaya is the owner of Evolution Fitness in Tucson Arizona. He has over 10 years of experience as a health and fitness professional. He is a StrongFirst Team Leader and a  CK-FMS certified instructor. Not only is he certified in kettlebell training but also holds the prestigious CSCS through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. He completed his Bachelors Degree from the University of Arizona, majoring in Nutritional Sciences.

Our training staff holds SFG as well as HKC and RKC certifications. For more information on our staff please visit our about us page at Evolution Tucson.

For more information or for personal training call Danny at 520-445-6800 or email danny@evolutiontucson.com

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