Evolution Fitness Tucson Featured on Outdoor Channel

Danny with Deb Ferns, Camp Director Babes with Bullets: Evolution Fitness Personal Training tucsonWe were very honored to be featured on the Outdoor Channel’s website.  WE train competitive 3 Gun Shooter Deb Ferns. She came to us to work on her strength for her shooting competitions. She enjoyed our group personal training so much that she asked if she could do an episode of her Outdoorchannel.com web Series Babes with Bullets. Babes with Bullets is an organization that holds camps for women to learn how to effectively use firearms. I had the honor of going to the range with Deb and it was awesome to feel the power of these guns. Learning to shoot reminded me of when I first learned to use the kettlebell. My body wasn’t use to it, I was frustrated that I wasn’t good at it, and I realized it would probably take me 10,000+ repetitions before I actually get good at it! Enjoy the Episode!

Personal Training in Tucson:Babes with Bullets start Deb Ferns


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