Obesity and Debunking too Broke to Eat Healthy Myth from Food Inc

I seemed to have sparked some emotions this morning by calling Americans Lazy because we are the fattest country in the history of the world! I say it and people think I am a jerk, but the movie Food Inc. says it and it is politically correct for some reason. I was watching Food Inc, and I really applaud the Movie’s approach to undercover the corruption of our food system. It truly is a must see. If you have the online version of NetFlix it is free to watch. There is one scene in particular though that really bugs the hell out of me. It actually pisses me off. The section of the movie  is called “The Menu”. It goes into details in how our food system makes poor people eat aweful food and makes them eat fast food as if a gun is held to their heads. It sends out the tone that they are victims of the system, the man, the corporations or what have you.  The first time I watched the movie I shook my head in agreement because I was just blown away by the stories of the slaughter houses, chickens, and Monsanto. After a second go through I caught on to some things… Here is the clip from from Food Inc, Via Youtube…

If you watched the clip you could have a million thoughts running through your head about right now. Maybe that of sympathy for the family, disgust with our food system, or if you are like me, a voice that screamed “wake the F&*K up and change your life and stop being a victim. You have Diabetes and are on Meds, You are dying man!! Stop Blaming people?!! Well you could say “Danny how could you say such things. This family was poor. You are just a heartless person!” You could say that and I wouldn’t be hurt, but take a close look at the scene. The family is shown pulling up to a drive thru and spends $11.48 on breakfast because the evil fast food chain has a 99 cent menu. If the evil fast food chain was too expensive there would be a documentary on how evil they are because people can’t afford them. Anyway, I don’t want to digress. So lets break down $11.48 for an at home breakfast. 1 dozen of eggs $1.99(17cents/per egg). If you eat oatmeal it is about 30-50cents/serving and most likely less if you buy it on sale. Whole wheat bread   about 15-20cents per slice or less. Fruit varies but I saw a bag of 6 apples the other day for $2. so lets just say 50cents/per apple to be safe.

Breaking ONE  Breakfast down for a family of 4.

  •  1 dozen eggs (Each person in the family could have 3 eggs) $2
  • 4 bowls of oatmeal: 1.50
  • 4 slices of bread: $1(less than)
  • 4 apples: $2

I don’t know about you, but my math comes out to $6.50 for breakfast for a family of 4. The damn government and the fast food chains have tortured this entire family into paying $5 extra every morning  because they don’t have time to cook breakfast. Here is a solution hardboil the eggs ahead of time and microwave the oatmeal. I know I am a heartless person.  Lets take on Dinner Shall we?

Here we go:

  • Boneless skinless chicken breast on sale $2.49/pound. 2 pounds= $5
  • Brown Rice 15-20cents per serving. 4 servings lets make it $1
  • 2 heads of brocolli: $3
  • oils spices etc to cook in. $2

Once again each person gets 8oz of boneless skinless chicken, vegetables, and a starch. And an entire family eats for $11. Still cheaper than McDonalds. Here is the reason I decided to write this. This is not written towards the overweight person that is working out and eating healthy and has certain health issues that are preventing weight loss. I have been inspired watching friends and friends of friends on facebook changing their lives with exercise. I see people swimming laps every night and loving it! I see people taking diet challenges to lose weight and investing every thing they have into it. All of the is awesome because it is all about taking actions to better your health and life. There are way too many excuses in this country and too many people making excuses for their health. I have the benefit of seeing people change thier live’s daily. As a trainer people seek me out help and assist them in changing their live’s but it all starts with personal accountability. Stop blaming society, your childhood, or anything else.  Your health It is no one else’s responsibility.



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