Wrapping up Week 1 on the The Visalus Challenge

I have had numerous people ask me how is it going and why I haven’t updated my blog with my progress.. Well to be honest, there really isn’t a whole bunch to report. I drink a shake, eat a small snack, drink another shake, have another small shake, and eat a reasonable dinner. Now, I will say that my only challenge is to watch my portions when I eat my meals. I am a really big eater, so limiting portions once I start eating is a big deal for me. In all honesty I don’t have a huge goal with this except maybe to lose a couple pounds, but over all I just wanted to try this product out with all the buzz that it holds. My workouts have been fine, but I have really backed off my heavy stuff lately anyway since I am still recovering from a basketball injury a couple months ago.

The only comments I have so far is that the protein itself tastes fine, but the flavor additives that they give you with the protein I could totally do without. I will stay on path for the next 30 days and see if I continue on for more than that, but so far all is fine. I haven’t grown a third nipple or withered away to nothing:-)

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