Day 1 on the Visalus Challenge

Not a whole bunch to report from a difficulty perspective, but there were a few insights.. Like I mentioned in yesterdays blog, when doing the Velocity Diet last year ALL choices were taken away except for one meal per week. In doing the Visalus Challenge you actually have the opportunity to eat real food every day which is definitely a plus, but also leaves room to make poor choices. Today started off with a shake and just water, a few hours later I had my second shake with Almond Milk and Coconut milk and a 1-teaspoon of peanut butter. Since the shakes are only 90 calories adding a few calories is a bit necessary for my and my activity level.  Snack was a small apple and a small piece of Chicken Breast. Dinner is the part where things can get out of control if I am hungry. Even if dinner is healthy,  it is easy to just eat too much of good and healthy food. I ate some fish and salad tonight, but the true test came when my wife asked me to go for Ice cream. I agreed to go and watch her and my daughter eat ice cream.

Visalus Challenge Temptation is everywhere

This is the crucial part of any nutrition plan or goal. It is so easy to get side tracked. We have lives, families, and busy schedules. No matter how much money someone will spend on personal training, a nutrition challenge it is crucial to keep the goal the goal. It is easy to add 3 tablespoons of peanut butter in the shake instead of 1.  It is easy to say I will just have a few bites (big mouthfuls) of ice cream instead of watching on.  No matter what I think of this challenge or any other plan, being a human with choices always makes for an interesting day..

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