Why Do the Tactical Strength Challenge

I keep getting questions/excuses  from my clients about doing the Tactical Strength Challenge.

  • I can’t do a pull up (yet)
  • My deadlift sucks should I still try it
  • I haven’t been doing this long enough to compete or win
  • I hate kettlebell snatches
So here is the deal. The TSC was founded by Pavel Tsatsouline as a test of Strength and conditioning. Not sure how tactical it really is, but it does test full body strength and conditioning.  A one rep max deadlift, a (strict)pull-up test, and kettlebell snatch test(As many reps as possible in 5 minutes).  For all the background go the the TSC Mainpage.
I always tell all of our participants that this isn’t a competition against one another. We usually have 10-15
participants and winning it really isn’t the goal. Not because I don’t believe in keeping score, but this event is about each person challenging themselves. People train their tales off at Evolution Fitness year round and this event is a way for them to put their hard work to the test. If they deadlifted 200 last time and put in the work over the past 6 months then they will try and set a new personal record. If someone can’t hit a pull-up it isn’t a big deal,  the goal will be to get one next time. Maybe it is practicing pull-ups and losing a couple extra pound before the next event.  Most of all it is about community and a good time. The event is always a  great turnout and the comradery is just awesome. Whether you are a client of Evolution Fitness or not you are welcome to come an lift or just watch and see what the excitement is all about. If you are not in Tucson they hold the TSC all around the world on the same day. For a TSC in your area visit the TSC main page. For more info on Evolution’s TSC Visit our TSC PAGE.  We will have a pot-luck to follow.

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