The Power of Having a Coach

Over the past 10+ years people have hired me, and I have made my entire living coaching people to their health, fitness, and strength goals. Kind of funny that over that 10 years I have only had professional guidance on my own programing a handful of times.  Back in 2004-2006 when I lived in Florida I had a fellow trainer friend of mine Adym Christopher train me to get ripped because that is what he did and  I needed someone to hold me accountable and push me and have a plan for me. Because I couldn’t do it for myself. I also needed to be accountable to someone on my nutrition (if you are wanting to lose weight this is the most important aspect). The end result…..


Evolution Fitness, Personal Training in Tucson ArizonaNow, I don’t look like that today because my goals have changed and Adam is also 2500 miles away.  My point is I really wanted to go after something and I hired help to get where I wanted. I didn’t argue with him I just showed up to my training sessions and ate exactly what he told me to eat. I brought in my diet journal. At the time I was a trainer and had tons of successful weight loss clients, but I needed a coach.period.

Over the past few years I have taken numerous Continuing education courses and learned a lot. My training has changed considerably and I have changed goal considerably. I have traveled to learn about kettlebells from the man that brought them over from Russia. I learned corrective exercise from the guy who wrote the book on it. With all of that I still program my own workouts with some sort of strange bias that just is always off. As the they say, “A doctor that treats himself has a fool for a patient”. Same goes many times in the training world. Dan John writes about this in his book “Never Let Go” and talks about the importance of a coach. See when I was training with Adym I just did what coach told me to. I expect my clients to listen to me, yet when I write my own programs I rarely listen to myself.

Fast forward to this past Christmas I had the honor of training someone to prepare for the RKC. He was spending the holidays in the Arizona. He lived in Norway. As I trained Mike Brown with  kettlebells I got a good understanding of his background. He was a competitive powerlifter and had deadlifted 600+ pounds raw. I was stuck at 440 and It felt like a ton when I lifted it. I tried for months to get past it and I was at a loss.  Mike was kind enough to ask me some important questions and sent me a program to follow over the next 10 weeks. My only job was to follow it. He even went so far as to give me each weight that I would attempt when I went for my new max attempt.  The past 10 weeks have been a blast. There were numerous times when the weights he told me to use felt light and my instinct was to just go heavier, but I didn’t. I didn’t because coach told me to do X so I did X. If I chose to do heavier weight I would no longer be doing his program, I would be doing my version of his program and that does not provide results promised.  So today was the day that I was expected to attempt my max lift. The funny thing is I kept wanting to take over. Coach told me to lift 315, 365,415,445, and then go for 475. He wanted me to lift singles of each lift. Immediately when I got to 445 I thought, maybe I should try 455 instead. Why? I don’t know why, because I am always trying to make things more difficult for myself. I fought the urge and did exactly as prescribed. Coach told me I would get 475 if I followed his plan.. Well it worked. If I would have tried 455 more than likely I would have over taxed myself and not been able to hit 475. If you know about the deadlift it is a finicky lift. I shocked the heck out of myself today, not just because I added 35lbs to a lift that I couldn’t advance on for almost a year, but that I actually followed instruction. The power of having a coach and listening to a coach is probably THE most important aspect of getting better at anything.

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