Living in a Dying Body

I read an article by coach Mike Boyle that was titled Most People are Dead at 35. It is a quick but short read but it is riddled with a couple lines that just caught my attention. He quotes Paul Chek  that said “Most people are dead at thirty-five, they just walk around for another thirty to forty more years.”   What made me think of this? Well, numerous things. As a gym owner I see some things in consultations that just get my head scratching.  A few weeks ago a girl came in to watch one of our group kettlebell classes to see if it was something she would like, since she did cardio every day. She was in her early 30′s and was 100lbs over weight.  I am not using that number lightly either. She looked at our sales manager and said, “people really lose weight doing that?” She then proceeded to say that she could not do the training because it would mess up her manicured nails and she wasn’t willing to take her nails off to get in shape. Are you F*&^ing Kidding me? You are 100 lbs over weight and waddling and you are worried about your nails! I was upset. Not because she didn’t buy training, but because I just saw someone walk out the door dying.  I see it all the time. If it isn’t manicured nails, it is I just don’t have the time, or money. But at the end of the day it really has little to do with either of those things. It is hard to sit across from that person in their 50′s wishing they just did something 10 or 2o years ago when now the work ahead of them is daunting.  In college I was broke, but I always found money to party and eat out on the weekends. It just had to do with priorities. Whether someone chooses to swing kettlebells, or do zumba the facts are, if you are not exercising (remember just walking isn’t exercise) and continue to eat like crap you will eventually pay the consequences.  There really wasn’t any other purpose of this except to ask the question what in your life do you need to improve and what manicure excuses do you have.

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