Practicing Strength

Back in July I posted a blog about goal keeping and some pretty big goals that I had set. So I just wanted to give all of you an update and some insights. Back in July I had set the following goals. Do the Beast challenge. 106lb Kettlebell Strict Press, Pullup, and Pistol.  I started this by doing the Dan John 40 day workout focusing on the Deadlift, pistol, weighted pullup, and pressing. Nearly the same workout at submaximal load daily. At the end of it my proficiency with the lifts was noticeable. Did I get stronger, yes. I added 0ver 2o pounds to my pullup and 11 pounds to my press. But more than just gaining strength I started the path to mastering the lifts. thousands and thousands of repetitions are needed to master a lift. Doing the lifts daily is called practice not working out. Since ending the 4o day program I have changed up the programming a bit but stuck to my guns. The overall goal is just getting stronger and progressing each workout as a practice. The workouts are challenging but rarely ever to failure(on accident once). But get whole body strong. At 36 years old I am stronger than I have ever been, and I am not breaking myself any longer. Not Driving myself in to the ground in misery each workouts. Conditioning is incidental from lots of work, and one day I focus on conditioning.  So what have been the results??

July 2011 my personal records were the following

Deadlift 430 x 1, Kettlebell Press 88lb x 2 reps, Front Squat 175 x 5reps, Barbell Strict Military Press 155lbs x 3reps.

October 2011,

Deadlift 430 x 4 reps, Kettlebell press 97lbs x 4 reps, Front Squat 220 x 8, Barbell Strict Military Press 155lbs x 9.

Granted these aren’t world class numbers, but I am stronger than I have ever been and I am not trying to compare to anyone else anyway. I just have to say that training with a purpose has been the biggest gift I have ever learned. Yes my conditioning isn’t as strong as it was, but it is as strong as it needs to be. I am not entering the ring against GSP next week, and the thing I know about conditioning is I can get highly conditioned with 3-4 weeks of intense training. Strength on the other hand takes purpose and planning.

A quote from Pavel Tsatusouline that I really like…”Conditioning, mobility etc.- are all needed. But they have no point without strength. Strength is the master quality. Do not forget it when planning your training.”

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