MovNat®: Explore Your True Nature™

MovNat will be in Tucson on January 28th. Sure we love kettlebells, barbells and pull-up bars, but getting back to our nature and human movement patterns is essential. I personally know Clifton Harsk, MovNat instructor and I am thrilled to promote this event.  Evolution Fitness or Tucson Kettlebell are not involved with MovNat but we are wanting to promote this event and are working closely with Clifton to get the word out on the event!!

The MovNat philosophy reminds us that like in any other animal, human biology is built upon natural laws that we cannot afford to overlook if we desire true and lasting health.

This is a One Day Event that  will change the way you look at health and fitness. Training outdoors and getting back to the roots of how our body’s are supposed to move. WIth all the talk about core and functional training, Movnat is the real deal.

For more information on MovNat visit . To Register online Click Here.

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