We held the Bi-Annual Tactical Strength Challenge at Evolution Fitness and I am still buzzed from all of the excitement. In my experience The TSC has always been a low-key event. Usually done in a garage gym with a handful of guys lifting. You then post the results on the TSC’s Main site and see how you compare to people all over the world in the Deadlift, Pullup, and Kettlebell Snatch test. I always liked it because it was something to train for and the Deadlift is a great strength test and my favorite lift, the pullup is questionably one of the best tests of body weight strength, and the kettlebell snatch test separates the men from the boys, or the badass ladies from the skinny fat girls that live on ellipticals, that have seemed take over the country.

What I witnessed at this challenge truly made me happy I have chosen to make this field my career. First off, nearly every single person that took part in the challenge has less than 1 year of consistent formal training with the barbell or kettlebell and they put it all out there in front of a room of screaming fans.  They have trained hard and wanted to just go for it. We had 13 participants and over 40 people watching on to cheer them on. My mission when I started this venture was to make “strength” what Evolution Fitness was all about.  I don’t care if it is with a kettlebell, barbell, or body weight. I wanted people to get excited about being strong and it seems to be working. I can’t count the times I had spectators tell me “I can’t wait to do the next one, when can we start training for it.” or participants thanking me for holding this event because it gave them something to focus on and train for.  Purposeful training works. period.

Unfortunately it can be a hard sell sometimes. Constantly I get the….I don’t want to get Bulky. Here are the women that competed in the event. Everyone lifted between 200 and 300pounds without straps and many did strict pullups.

Strong Women At Evolution Fitness. Tucson Kettlebell


Jackie Luciano Deadlifting 300 pounds

Aracely Favela Deadlifting 225lbs

Tim Coble Deadlifting 350lbs

David Dolana hitting 28 pullups

Jackie hitting 5 strict (countable pullups and Cely hitting 3 pullups

Courtenay Epperson Deadlifting 210lbs

Janice Deadlifting 275

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