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Over the past decade I have assisted many  clients in achieving results and develop lifelong habits that have impacted their live’s tremendously. It truly is the reason that I became a trainer, and the fact that it provides a living for myself and my family is definitely a huge blessing. The past year has been really amazing. Since starting Evolution Fitness I have been able to design a program without having to worry what other trainers would think or if the higher ups thought if the program was “catchy” enough to market with cute name like the Shapely Butt Program or some other BS. It was my gym and I knew that strength IS the goal.  It took some risk on my part to do this because in todays world of random acts of exercise it is hard to really attract people  to become stronger. This happens for a couple reasons. When you mention strength every one including men(which bugs the hell out of me, seriously they lose man points) say “I don’t want to get bulky.. FML… Seriously it is hard to get bulky, to think you will pick up a weight and instantly put on size is delusional and arrogant. Getting big is hard and it takes lots of work. And the funny thing is most of the people that are afraid of bulking up have so much extra body fat, that extra muscle should be the least of their worry. Honestly a bit of muscle looks a whole hell of a lot better than fat hanging off the body.  Building strength does not mean building size.  The second reason selling strength is really hard is because to the common folk it is boring. Why? well we stick to a game plan. Yes there are variations but really in a 6 week program we are doing similar workouts, and workouts are practice. Yes, Practice. How can you get better at anything if you are always changing it up. I remember my coach running a play, and it didn’t look right, guess what, we ran it again, and again, and again. We had to keep practicing that play till it looked right and ran smoothly. We didn’t change it every time to confuse ourselves. Our goal was to get better.  Well that is the goal at Evolution Fitness. We have practiced and practiced hard and guess what, no one quit because they got too bulky. Strength really is more of the job of the nervous system than it is of the muscular system. By practicing the movements our body’s then become better at doing the movements. Here are some of the results over the past few months of people training at our gym…

Aracely: Deadlift started at 122lbs for 3 reps and she was shaking with the weight. This past week she deadlifted 205lbs for 3reps, and she could have done more. Her press started last year with single bell 18lbs. She now does double 35lb Kettlebells above her head for numerous repetitions. Oh yeah she couldn’t do a pullup and now can rep out strict pullups. One more thing she weighs 125lbs.Aracely Pressing double 35lb Kettlebells at Evolution TucsonCely Deadlifing 205lbs at Evolution Fitness Tucson KEttlebell tucson barbell

Jackie: Deadlifted 230 about 5 months ago for 1 repetition. She now reps out 255 and will probably easily hit 300lbs. Last year she above head pressed the 26lb kettlebell for 1 or 2 reps. She can now press the 53lb bell(which is highly rare for a woman) and do a single legged squat (butt below parallel) with the 53lb bell as well. The list can go on with Jackie. Fact, she is stronger than most men.

Rachel started at 185+pounds of body weight and now has dropped over 40 pounds. Last year she started deadlifting the 53lb kettlebell and now can rep out 205lbs. She can double press 35lb kettlebells, and did double kettlebell squats with 44lbs in each arm for reps. In her weight loss journey said that she really noticed the weight come off when we started heavy deadlifting.Rachel Tineo Presses Double35lb Kettlebells above her head at Evolution Fitness Tucson

Julie AKA the machine can double push press 53lb kettlebells, that is 106lbs above head for repetitions and I witnessed her  dead lift 270lbs the other night with ease.Julie Deadlifting 255lbs for repetitions At Evolution Fitness Tucson

Adriana AKA the Gun Show started with double 13lb kettlebell presses and can now rep out double 26lb kettlebells above head. She may way 110 pounds. And her arms are ripped…

And one of my favorite stories.. My 80 year old client and friend Loraine. Started with me having trouble lifting an 18lb kettlebell from the ground. She can now lift over 70lbs from the ground, and she only weights 105lbs.

80 year old Loraine, Strength Trains with Kettlebells at Evolution Fitness TucsonToo old to Dead lift? Lorain at 80 years old Trains at Evolution Fitness Tucson


I know I Just gave you all women as examples, but honestly the women are just impressive to me. I could write on and on about all of the results. Actually many men that come in off the street can’t lift as much weight as the women at our gym and that is a fact. It actually takes a bit of an ego check to come in and train with them.

I am inspired by all of my client’s. No one has complained about being bored of doing the same workouts for 6 weeks.  They are dedicated and committed to strength training. I am inspired by the results and level of commitment all of our client’s have shown. Every time a personal record is set the high fives and cheers in class are just awesome.  The fact that they believe in it and stick to it keep me passionate.  I have had people walk away from an orientation because they were adamant about not wanting to get stronger, and my response was “this probably isn’t the gym for you. ” Sounds harsh, I know, but LA Fitness is more than happy to take their money and promise them to be skinny fat for the rest of their lives doing high rep low weight training. Strength truly is a skill and it should always be practiced and strength truly is a gift and it should be cherished. Those that have lost it, always talk about when they had it and when they could do this and when they could do that. It truly is a memory for most.



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