Velocity Diet: Transitioning IN

I know I didn’t blog yesterday. My wife decided I needed to step up and put the little one to sleep at night. Well to say the least it hasn’t been pretty. When Momma puts you to sleep every night of your life and then daddy decides to play the part, things can get ugly quick.

Adding the Meals in!

I started adding meals back in yesterday. I still take my shakes throughout the day as normal and then have a meal. Today I chose to go to one of my favorite places…La Salsa. I got the Chilli Lime Salad with dressing on the side, extra chicken and a side of beans and guacamole. I also refused the tortilla strips. A couple things happened today. First, I ate the large salad and all the fixings which wasn’t a small portion at all and I was still hungry. Second, I haven’t had a meal in the middle of the day in over a month and let me tell you a truck hit me today. Right upon returning to the gym I put my gym mat on the floor and put my head down for a few minutes. I got super tired and it was hard for me to keep my eyes open. I expect that this will adjust. I returned home tonight and had my favorite shake.

The Scale

Today with my workout shorts on I was 181 pounds which was a good place for me to be. I do have to say that I am still surprised about my skin fold measurements though. I will reveal in my final post.

The Workout Today

After a max deadlift on Monday and the snatching VO2 max workout on Tuesday, my body was a bit shot, even with a day off yesterday. I grabbed my Captians of Crush Grippers and the Number 1 crushers felt much heavier than normal. I can usually get it for a triple and 1 rep was enough today and it was rough so I knew a double kettlebell complex day was not a good idea. So instead I worked with one of my trainers Chris Falkner on the Power lifting Bench Press Technique since we are entering a competition in August. I figured I should probably actually practice. Also did some weighted pull-ups for practice, but kept the intensity low. One thing that I preach and do my best to follow is remember that it is about training is  not just working out. Too many times it exercise has turned into this addictive high intensity training to failure methodology that just practicing moves never happens. So today was effective.

Here is a video of the deadlift I did the other day. It seemed to go up so easy! Unfortunately I can’t say the same for 450 :-(

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