Day 28!!! Last Official Day of the Velocity Diet and V02 max Kettlebells

So today is the last official day of only shakes!!! As much as I want to celebrate the transition plan calls for the following. The next week I can eat only 1 meal per day and the next week I can eat 2 meals a day. Eating one meal per day is a huge treat compared to only 1 per week. Now the true test for me is to really be diligent and keep the weight off before my RKC2 Certification in July. So I am working on the Grand Finale write up, but I am going to hold off for a couple days before I complete it. I am doing this for a couple reasons. Just because the first 28 days is up doesn’t mean the experience is over. The transition period is important as well. I also want to see how I feel for the first week after I start adding solid food daily in to my routine. All of this is important when coming up with my final write up.  I really want to be thorough when I write all of this up. This was a huge project for me. I will do body fat percentages and final weigh in tomorrow.

Todays Workout was Intense

I haven’t done High volume kettlebell snatches as part of my training for awhile. It is one of my favorite exercise, but I realize that lots of high volume snatches can sometimes piss off my shoulder when I did it too many times during the week. But I need to get mentally prepared for the RKC Snatch test next month. If you don’t know what it is I will explain in short. You must complete 100 snatches in 5 minutes with the 53lb kettlebell. Period. I have done it numerous times so it is a bit of a mental thing more than any thing. Today myself and fello RKC Sergio Giardini did the VO2 max workout. Pretty much 15seconds of snatches and 15 seconds of break repeated for 20 minutes. I used the 20Kg (44lb) Kettlebell. I hit 8 snatches per 15 seconds. It kicked my butt since I hadn’t done it in awhile.

Day 28 Photos

I decided to take one picture today and I will post it even though I know I am going to get hell from it from every single one of my male friends. I weighed in today between 181 and 183 so it is about a 14 pound weight loss in a month. And Like I said yesterday my strength seems to be at least where it was before I started so to lose 14 pounds and keep strength I am pretty pleased.  There is so much more that I want to say but I will put it all together for you in a short novel I am sure…..I was screwing around posing and I started to laugh but the picture did show some dramatic results from the beginning…

Tucson KEttlebell Evoluition Fitness Personal Training, Kettlebell Training, and Corrective Exercise After pictures:Velocity DIet Day 28, Training at Evolution Tucson, Tucson kettlebell Training

Also Today was a huge day! We went live with a huge groupon promotion. We have sold over 180 groupons today. The coolest thing is all of our intro classes are booked out for another week or more, and each of my websites had thousands and thousands of hits today. The deal ends tomorrow. If you have been wanting to try kettlebells out at a near free price you should check it out.  I promise to have the magnum opus of a review up for you sometime this week or no later than this weekend!! The phones have been ringing non stop at the gym and of course my trainer and right hand at the gym is out of town on vacation so I  will be working on it. But the good news is I hired another trainer today!! Actually he is a great friend of mine that has trained with me in the past and he just moved back to Tucson from Hawaii. Im excited to have Chris Falkner on our team at Evolution Fitness. If you are interested in some great training, or Olympic lifting Chris is your man. Until tomorrow

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