VELOCITY DIET DAY 27: Barbell Club at a Kettlebell Gym? and a Personal Record

Well I really have been wanting to pick this diet apart. I have been moody, whiny, and at times almost hoping I could find a way out. But today was the second to last day. I have to say that it was a good day today. I was tired as all *&Y*(^Y today and I got up the energy to lift. That may have been thanks to the Hot ROX., but when I woke up today I was sure I wasn’t going to get a workout in. I was beat.

The Barbell Club

The cool thing is every Monday at Lunch a group of trainers from around town all get together at Evolution to lift some weight.  I close up shop and we have a blast. More than just lifting, it is a way for us to get together and be guys and lift heavy stuff(well relatively heavy depending on who you are). We tend to stick to it being a heavy barbell day and we all kind of do our own thing.  Some do Deadlifts, others do rack pulls, and some do squats, and it will soon morph into Olympic Lifting as well soon. I still do kettlebell work on Mondays  but Barbells are necessary if you want a BIG. It is great because all of us are, or were trainers and we help eachother out. Today I was feeling good and I wanted to put the V-Diet to the strength test. Prior to the V-Diet I deadlifted 430 pounds though I could have done more at the time my Personal record on the deadlift is 430lbs. So today I just kept adding weight to the bar and decided to go for 435lbs….. Well mission accomplished. I was pretty happy about it. I decided to shoot for 450 which would have been 2.5x bodyweight, but I missed it. Everyone in the room said I didn’t get psyched up enough for the lift, but there is just another challenge for me. I don’t plan on trying again till the next Tactical Strength Challenge in September, unless I do a PL meet in August.  I also strict pressed the 40kg bell today so that is a good thing as well since that is what I have to press for RKC2.

The Scale:

Today I weighed in pretty consistently at 181 pounds. Actually first thing in the morning I was 180.8. So that is almost 14pounds down.

The Transition Plan.

As part of the Velocity Diet the first 28 days are shakes only except the 1 meal per week. week 5 you are to have 1 meal per day and week 6 you are to have 2 meals per day with the rest of the calories coming from shakes. I will follow this part of the diet as well. like I said, I am in it. I also don’t need to gain the weight back before RKC2.

I have so much more to say but I want to save some stuff for my wrap up of the diet. in my grand finale Blog on the V-Diet.

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