Day 26 on The Velocity Diet: Costco Samples Rant, Walking Instead of Kettlebells

Today was my meal day at mom’s house. My mom decided to have roast beef and veggies. Now don’t get me wrong, I love my mom’s roast beef but honestly when you only get one meal a week roast beef isn’t on my list of t0p 10 foods. Earlier in the day I decided to go shopping at my favorite place in the world ….Costco to purchase some groceries since I will be incorporating food back in to my diet this week (Amazing how much money I saved on this diet by only eating shakes.).  So while at Costco I decided to pick up Lobster tails for the family and add something to dinner that I really wanted to eat. A half pound lobster tail makes a roast beef dinner much better, and my family seemed to appreciate the lobster as well. Yes, I dipped it in butter.  Also, on a side note and one of my mini rants… God forgive me for judging, but one of the things at Costco that drives me crazy is seeing the most unhealthy people in the world lining up for the crap samples that they give.  Today once again  without fail.. A morbidly obese set of parents letting their kids get seconds and thirds of some sugar loaded processed muffin crap and then sending the kids back to get them some more. I watched on purpose just to get pissed enough to rant for this blog. Seriously, even beyond a health issue just teach your kids some frickin etiquette. And we wonder why our health care system is jacked.  This isn’t Costco’s fault, it is just plain irresponsible to teach kids this behavior. Yes its my opinion and Im fine with it.

Lobster Dinner on The velocity diet. Kettlebell Training at Evolution Tucson

Anyway, today I took off of working out again. I was originally going to do some kettlebell work, but instead I took my daughter for a long walk in her stroller. Her idea of fun was getting us up at 5:30am on a Sunday so around 9am she was ready for a nap. I strapped her in the stroller and we walked for about 2+miles and no she didn’t fall asleep either. Though it wasn’t exercise it was great just to get my blood flowing and take some quiet time before doing the radio show today.  Tomorrow is deadlift day so I didn’t want to do anything too intense today.

As for my dinner portion it was a pretty big portion of meat. I had the half pound lobster tail, and at least a pound of beef maybe a bit more. I also ate half an avacodo and about 10 small tortilla strips, I also ate a lot of steamed broccoli.  Besides a few chips I was OK with what I ate. Only 2 more days of only shakes!!!! Then the transition plan.

On a side note I really want to congratulate a few of my clients at Evolution Fitness. At my gym we do things a bit differently. Much like the Martial Arts we have a program where you earn the shirts that you can wear. The color dictates a certain level of strength, conditioning, and technique that must be accomplished before being able to wear the shirts.  You can see all the requirements to earn the shirts here. Yesterday  I was really proud to have some clients work their tail off to earn the shirts. The red shirt is no joke. I do my best to get people in elite conditioning to become ready to do the Russian Kettlebell Challenge. I am proud to have women train so hard that they have achieved their first strict pull up (throat to bar)  ever  at my gym and men who can press half of their body weight with a kettlebell and have strict form above their head . SO a huge congrats to:

Blue Shirts: Andres Aponte

Red Shirts: Aracely Favela and Rufe Bynum

Black Shirt:(our first ever) Jackie Luciano

Evolution Fitness/Tucson KEttlebell: Tucson's home of RKC Kettlebell Training, Strength training and corrective exercise

Very very Very Proud of all of you and seriously makes me proud to be the owner of Evolution Fitness. I will post some videos of the testing in tomorrows blog. Though the kettlebell is just a tool, it is by far the most effective thing I have seen to get an ordinary person, extra ordinarily strong in such a short time.

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