Velocity Diet Day 25! Consistency is Paying off

First I really want to thank all of you that have followed this blog. I have received lots of positive comments and e-mails. I am actually a little bitter sweet about this ending. I am sure I will still come up with something to blog about but this experience has me “in it”.  I want you to think about what I mean by that.  Now before starting this challenge I wasn’t in bad shape or excessively overweight. I had a different goal so being lean wasn’t a priority for me. But when I knew I needed to lean up I knew that it wasn’t going to be something I dabble in. It had to be stick to the plan because the plan is the plan, is the plan.

I get questions all the time about if  Weight Watchers works or if Jenny Craig is effective. And for the most part I could think of a few different options, but the real answer is if you follow the plan it works. Too many people decide that they will sign up for weight watchers and instead of eating 10 points they eat 13 but then they will eat less later to make it up. Or I will eat this, but they don’t go to the meetings or weekly weigh ins. Or they do it for 3 weeks but stop. The system is the system. If meetings are part of the system then do it. If you are going to buy in to a system then do the system not your own version of the system and say it doesn’t work.  Now looking at the Velocity Diet there are a few different ways  I could tweek it, but I wouldn’t have the opportunity to see if it really worked or not. I do have to admit that I haven’t followed the Training plan but I have a specific training goal that I am working towards and the Velocity Training Program didn’t complement my training goals.  I made sure to adjust the training appropriately to compliment the diet though. If I showed up to RKC 2 and didn’t hit my press or weighted pull up then all the weight loss in the world doesn’t matter. Also just to add a disclaimer if you have tried every nutritional plan and exercised consistently with cardio and strength training and you are still not seeing results, then I strongly suggest you go to your doctor and get a workup on all of your hormone levels to make sure everything is in balance.

Fat Loss Needs to be Attacked

Especially as we age, fat loss becomes more work. Believe me I speak from experience. At 19 years old I decided to drink beer, eat fast food, drink a half gallon of Dr.Pepper a day, and repeat. I shot up to 205 pounds standing a whopping 5’6″ tall. I decided to start jogging, lifting weights again, and cut the soda out. The result….6 weeks later I was down 30 pounds. I did it again at age 25. Now at 36, I workout consistently, eat a clean diet but maybe a bit larger portions and I gained a few pounds, and it has taken me 4 weeks to drop 13 pounds and it has been challenging. My point being, is if you want to lose weight and you are not seeing results you really need to, then make sure you are doing everything right. The exercise, the quality of food, the amount of food, decreasing stress in your life, and sleeping right. Really when fat loss is the number one goal there is no cheat day until you hit your goal. Some people can get a way with a lot and Im not one of them. I have friends that can eat fast food every meal and keep lean and I had to stop comparing myself to them. My physiology does what it does.

The Scale

Today the Scale hit 181.6. My shirts are definitely looser. And my arms have shrunk a bit which kind of sucks but, as long as I am still strong then the extra size doesn’t matter anyway. If that extra size in my arms is helping me lift the great, if not the it isn’t needed.

I get a meal tomorrow and I am excited to eat again! I can’t believe it has been a week already since I have had food.  Till tomorrow!!

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