Day 24: 4 Days Left on the Velocity Diet; Return of the Litvinov

So today is Day 24. There are 4 days left on the main part of the diet. After the 28 days are up there is then a transition of 2 weeks where you transition meals back into your diet.  You do a mixture of shakes and meals throughout the day.  Though that is still part of the diet I really excited to get done with the 28 day part.  Today I weighed in between 183 and 186. It really depends on ho much fluid I have consumed but I would still like to see my heavier weight around 180. Besides the scale everyone has taken notice. I have had clients tell me I am disappearing more each day. I have also had numerous clients tell me how I look so much better. I now understand how  girls feel when people tell them how great they look now after losing so much weight. Your kind of like thinking wow was I that bad?? I have to say that all my shirts are fitting much looser. I kind of looked like I was wearing someone elses shirt today.

Today’s Workout was a M$%F*$R. I worked out with a friend of mine today and we did heavy double presses and supersetted with weighted pull ups. I worked up to 3 sets of 3 with the double 32kg Kettlebells. I also did a PR of 6 repetitions of Pullups with the 16kg bell on my foot. I also stuck the 24kg on foot pretty clean on a pullup today after doing all of the heavy presses. So it is safe to say my strength is in tact right now. The double 32 presses felt a bit heavy and I have done sets of 4 before but I also haven’t been practicing double presses nearly as much until the past couple weeks.

After the pressing and pullups we went down to the park near Evolution Fitness and did the Litvinov Workout again, but I made a few adjustments from last week. Instead of going on an all out sprint I went at about 75% today. My hip got way to tweeky after last week. I also alternated the Exercises before the sprint. I did the first set of Double 28kg Squats for 8 reps, 2nd set was double 28kg cleans, and the third set was single arm swings with the 28kg for 10/10 on each side. I then did the squats and clean version again for a total of 5 sprints. My sprints since they were much slower I did longer distance. I did 2 that were about 100 yards but at a slower than sprint pace. I have to say I am whooped after that. I am very tired and it is only about 7:30 in the eveninag.

As of this far on the diet I am really pleased that my strength is still in tact. I will never forget what I did over a decade ago(damn that really ages me). I had stopped working out for a year to go off to Silicon Valley and make some money during the internet boom. I made a lot of money but also didn’t workout for the first time in my life. I worked 70 hours a week and ate at my desk to make sales calls. So when I quit my job and started working out I decided that I wanted to do what most people do. I did tons of cardio, high repetition super sets with really light weight, and ate like a valley girl that was terrified of food. The result: I was 169 pounds and shredded. The mistake came is that I had no strength in my life except for my bicep curls. I decided to bench press one day and the unthinkable happened. I got trapped underneath 185pounds.? WTF?? A year earlier I could press 275 pounds? This is what we call a manorexic p*$$y. I could have been a scene out of Zoolander. I cared about the mirror, lifted like an aerobics instructor afraid to get bulky,  and there were definitely many that could probably lift more than I could at the time. So yes it is nice to be lean and have a 6 pack but if you are weak then whats the point of show muscle. This time around being lean is important but not at the expense of strength. I can’t explain to you enough the importance of staying or becoming strong. If you don’t think strength is important ask any elderly person that needs assistance to get out of bed or a chair or needs help to bring the groceries in. Don’t fool yourself being strong is crucial. I look forward to this being over because of the hunger but I am just glad the strength is there, now If I can just get down below 180 it will be worth it.

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