Day 23 on The Velocity Diet: Just as I open my Mouth

So Yesterday I was getting concerned that my weight hadn’t dropped in a week. Well this morning after my morning coffee and a couple cups of water I jumped on the scale. In shorts and shirt I was 182.6 which was a nice surprise especially because I was not feeling all that hot. I have to say I was really sleepy this morning. I woke up really tired and felt really out of it today though. I woke up a few times last night pretty hungry. I did not cheat and eat though. But I woke up a few times and I just kept drinking water which then made me get up to go to the bathroom. So this morning was rough.

Funny so not so funny story

Today I entered the likes of Peter from the Family Guy or Homer Simpson. So I set myself up for this story by explaining how tired I was. So this morning as I am getting ready to leave for work, my wife and daughter are in the backyard. They are walking in their pajamas and my daughter is pointing at the flowers and saying “flowers” in her cute baby voice. I kiss them good bye and head to work. About 5 minutes after getting to work the my cell phone rings from a number I don’t recognize. I reluctantly answer and it is my wife thanking me for locking her and my daughter out of the house in their pajamas.  They were at our neighbors house. Thank God my client was late and I drove home to let them in. I don’t know if it was lack of sleep, low blood sugar, or just me being an idiot. But I had to rat myself out.

The Workout:

I wasn’t sure I was going to workout today since I was just out of it but I chose to give it a shot. I decided to start with Turkish Getups. I slowly ramped up the weight and I did a few reps with the 88lb bell. I unsuccessfully attempted the Beast Today(106lb) Kettlebell. I don’t know what tempted me but the 88felt manageable. I am going to continue to use the 79 and 88lb bells to get used to the weight and eventually do the Get up with the Beast.  I then did single Deadlifts. I did One repetition every minute for about 10 minutes with 350lbs. The first 7 felt light the last 3 felt not so light but still happy with that. It is about 80% of my last max. Next week I am going to go for another new Max attempt.  Remember the Vdiet is supposed to get me stronger as well as leaner so  I look forward to testing my strength next week. Today I  also did some swings and cleans and push presses with the 88lb kettlebell today to just get used to the weight.

Tomorrow, If all goes well I will do another attempt at the Litvinov Workout again except I will not sprint as fast tomorrow. Last week my lightening speed caused some hip issues that took a few days to clear up, so I will be more mindful in my sprints tomorrow.

I look forward to finishing this week out and testing my strength. Thanks to all of you for following this blog and my up and down emotional journey on this diet.

For those of you interested here is a link to some upcoming workshops I am holding this summer. I recently announced I will be at Scottsdale Community College on June 11th for a kettlebell workshop. For more information contact Evolution Tucson. Here are other events coming up for the Summer 2011.

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