Velocity Diet Day 22: Scale is at a standstill

Today was an off day. I got the walk in nice and early to avoid the Tucson Heat and I enjoyed spending time with my daughter. We also got in the pool but I didn’t swim much. Still going strong on the diet. I actually ditched the lower calorie powdered Peanut butter. I felt that even though the calories would be the same or less I didn’t want to steer to far away from the diet plan. Plus, I really like Peanut Butter and I didn’t want deprive myself from my favorite food. Yes, my favorite food.

The Hunger

I am still hungry very often,. It isn’t as bad as the first week but it is still pretty bad. I tried doing 1- half shakes every 90 minutes but it was too much work to blend and to get a decent volume, it waters it down too much if you only use one scoop. I started blending them with extra ice and making them really huge. But really at the end of the day 2 scoops of protein and water is really not that filling. I am still baffled at the people that complain about it being too much food.

The Scale aint Budging

Another thing that is starting to concern me is my weight is the same as it was last week. I haven’t dropped any additional weight.  I have done my walks, the workouts are awesome and I am being very strict with the diet. I have about 6 more days on this diet, so we shall see what happens. I may kick up the cardio a bit on my off days instead of just walking. I may do a light jog even though I can’t stand jogging. We shall see.

The plan is to workout tomorrow. I plan on heavy or moderate Deadlifts and Heavy   Double Presses and Pull-ups. I will also do about 10 minutes of Conditioning. Friday or Saturday will be VO2 Max Protocol(15seconds of work with 15 seconds of rest for 40 minutes) with Kettlebell Snatches.

Next Project….

Im still contemplating my next project to take on after the 28days of the Velocity Diet. RKC 2 will be roughly 4 weeks post Velocity Diet so I may have to hold off on anything new till after but we shall see…. I have had some interesting suggestions but nothing that has me really excited yet. Blogging has been great and I have really enjoyed throwing myself into something no matter how uncomfortable it has been at times.

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