Day 20 on The Velocity Diet! I See the Light!!!

Well my days of being a Velocity Diet Guinea pig are winding down. A week from tomorrow will be my last day.  Honestly, I am ready to be rid of dosing my body with Splenda daily and feeling hungry.  I am getting closer to the verdict, and I look forward to putting it all together in a final analysis. I plan on really putting some solid thought into it. It will be more than just some before and after pictures and a body fat percentage. I will definitely test my strength again at the end as well and just give the Pros and Cons I see in this process. The one thing I will say is that you really have to want it bad. Honestly, If I didn’t really know I need to be below 185 for RKC2 in July, I wouldn’t have stuck to this.  Being held accountable is huge. I really didn’t need anyone holding me to this because most people thought I was silly in the first place for doing this, but blogging on this daily held me very accountable.

Todays Workout

I didn’t dead lift heavy as planned today because I wanted to take it easy on my hip. It felt a bit tweaky today and I didn’t want to push it. There was no pain but just a bit tight. After some stretching it felt much better and I did lighter single legged barbell deadlifts instead and some light conditioning with the rope. I also did a few solid Turkish Get Ups with the high bridge. If you don’t know what the High Bridge Getup is I strongly recommend adding it to your routine! As Brett Jones says, if he was locked in a room and could only do one exercise it would be the Getup.

And since todays workout wasn’t all that intense I just had my shakes as scheduled and added an extra scoop of the regular low carb protein to my bedtime shake. Overall I felt strong though. I haven’t really jumped on the scale because I yell at my clients all day for doing that so I will get on it tomorrow. I may do more pictures as well heading in to the final week. I really want to be at 180-181 by this Friday. Until tomorrow!!

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