Velocity Diet Day19: Memorial Day Feast and Dan John’s Interview

Well today was another day down. I got to eat a real meal today. I had a few tortilla chips and some guacamole. The dinner was awesome. A couple ribs, a bit of chicken breast, and mom’s Kifta(Lebanese ground beef with spices), hummus and babaganoush. definitely my favorite foods! I didn’t eat a ton today but I did get full much faster than I thought. My mother cooked for about 50 people but there were only about a dozen of us. But that is a Lebanese mother for you.Don’t get me wrong I ate a fair portion, but I didn’t over do it like last Monday night.

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Today I was supposed to do the Velocity Challenge workout which is pretty challenging, but I chose to do a lighter body weight workout instead.  My back felt much better than yesterday but just wanted to take it easy to make sure. Again, half the reason I don’t have long term back problems any more is because I listen to my body.

I am excited to lift tomorrow which is going to be my deadlift and press day.  Deadlifting in my opinion is always a great way to test strength.  When the deadlift is the equalizer in my opinion. If you are strong or weak it will tell you. When 275 feels like 500 it is going to be a long day. When 400 feels like 225 all is good in my world.


I have received a few emails asking me how am I being so disciplined. Well the answer, I really am committed to getting back down to 180lbs.  Dan John says in his book Never Let Go about his weight and really where he performs best. Any extra body weight that isn’t adding strength to the equation is unnecessary and getting in the way. And for me, I am really a 180 pound man. Me creeping towards 200 doesn’t magically make me stronger. Another factor is that me going to RKC Level 2 next month is a big deal. If I show up at 192 I have to press a 44kg bell. Going in at my normal weight of 180 I get to press the 40kg which is still a challenging weight to press clean. If you don’t think so, and have never tried, I will invite you to my gym to give it a try.   I really am looking forward to getting off of this diet, but more so because I really feel that my eating habits will change a bit. I definitely have learned a lot about my relationship with food on this diet. I like big quantities and that is probably not a good thing for me.

Radio Show

For those of you that don’t know Myself and Dr. Garrett Smith NMD have a live radio show in Tucson on the 104.1FM on Sundays at 11am. It can also be streamed live over the internet via the radio stations website. We also have all of our old episodes for download for free on our radio shows site ( Today we had Dan John on the show and he talked about his experience with the Velocity Diet, Weight Lifting, Athletics, and Fat Loss. Definitely a great show and feel free to listen in.

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