Velocity Diet Day 18: MMMM Peanut Butter

So yesterday was a good workout with the Front Squat and Sprints, but today the left hip was a bit spazzed out. As many of you know, my history my back has been a sensitive issue. I used to go down for months at a time with back pain , but since doing the RKC and CK-FMS trainings my back has been a thing of the past. Actually the book Relax Into Stretch by Pavel Tsatsouline really saved my back.  The good news is I used the tools that I teach my clients and no more pain tonight. I did take the day off of working out and will just do today’s workout tomorrow. Any way, my back is good, but the sprints were newer for me and yes sprints are maximal so the off day was great today.One of the biggest lessons I have learned over the years is to listen to my body. Usually pain is a sign to back off a bit. My old thinking would just say stop being a P***Y and do the daily WOD, but that always resulted in long term bouts of injury. Thank God I  woke up and stopped doing the Crossfit WODS. Sorry if your a Crossfitter and I turned you off, but I have never been more broken and weak in my life than when I was drinking the Crossfit cool-aid. I was a well conditioned man that would get out deadlifted by many females.  But, I digress.

Trying to Butter up the Shakes!

As many of you know I am addicted to Peanut Butter. The worst part about peanut butter is that it is high in calories. In moderation PB is not a bad thing, but unfortunately I don’t know that moderation exists once Peanut Butter is in my face. I tried a peanut butter alternative today called PB2. It is a powdered form of peanunt butter that is a 1/4 of the calories of Peanut butter. Now on the Velocity Diet they really want you to use 2tbs natural Peanut butter in the evening shake. Well today I experimented putting some of this powdered peanut butter in my shake and do it a couple times a day and forgo the real peanut butter at night since I had the calories throughout the day with the powdered form. It is definitely tasty. It isn’t as great as peanut butter but it is darn close and it is made from peanuts.  I am definitely ordering a case online. PB2 on the Velocity Diet?Answer for the SkinFold mystery?(You can see Yesterday’s Post)

I went on the Forum on T-Nation and the creator of the VDIET, Chris Shugart responded to my concern by saying that I shouldn’t be worried about an “arbitrary” number and to care about the mirror. You can see the response here. Honestly I really don’t care for the answer. If I was an uneducated kid that didn’t know anything and I was a T-Nation sycophant, that answer would be OK, but honestly it was the answer that may have me really turned off in general. My idea is that I may have just lost a bunch of water weight because I have been carb depleted. I have been a trainer for over 10 years and before that I was in graduate school studying nutrition and metabolism where I have done tons of “arbitrary” pinches. Here is a fact. When people lose lots of fat the pinches go down. My pinches haven’t yet. And losing 10pounds is significant enough to expect the caliper numbers to go down.  I will finish this diet because I am committed to it and too deep not to.

I am really committed to writing this blog and giving my honest opinion throughout the process. I am not getting paid by T-Nation or Bio-Test to do this thing so I really have no loyalty, but in the same breath I am not looking for ways to rip it apart unless I have reason to. So I am off to mix some peanut butter powder into my last shake tonight and think about Mama’s Lebanese food tomorrow.

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One Response to Velocity Diet Day 18: MMMM Peanut Butter

  1. Philippe Til says:

    Interesting to hear you are not happy with the “VD” ;)
    I am not on it and will read your post and Shugart’s answer after my comment (uneducated comment, I know, but on purpose).
    I have to rip up for a video shoot as well, and started 2 weeks out, which turned to 3 weeks out because of a schedule change. My main thing right now is to drink 1.5-2 gallons of water throughout the day, some with Whey, some with Casein at night. Carbs only post workout if the energy calls for them. Meals are fiber, texture (crunchy, sweet, savory, spicy…) lean protein (preferrably grass fed organic free range) and occasionally I’ll add the low glycemic starch (quinoa, mashed cauliflower). Zero carbs at night or before bed, 1-2 workouts a day below 45 min each.
    7lb fat lost, 5 lb of muscle gained. Shrink wrapping nicely. We should compare notes.
    Taking Bone-Up by Jarrow and PAGG as supplements, with occasional wheat germ and Omega 3 pills.

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