Velocity Diet Day 17: Litvinov Workout and Some Concerns Arise

The hunger thing has definitely eased up a lot. Im still not at the point where the shakes are filling or complaining that they are too much to get down. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and really I have only 11 more days left. My weight has gone down significantly down about 10 pounds. The pictures look better and better and my strength is still solid,  but there is a glitch some where and I am not too happy about it. As I have had my body fat pinches with a caliper I have noticed my pinches are not changing and a couple pinches have gone up!  It is showing that my body fat percentage is possibly increasing? This really doesn’t make sense to me, but the pinches are thicker regardless of what the pictures are showing. I am not as concerned because my strength and energy are still going strong but I am confused and frustrated at this point.


One of my biggest things with this diet that made me almost not do it was the artificial sweeteners. I used to be a splenda junkie. Last year I made a commitment to cut it out of my diet. Besides the occasional piece of gum with some stuff in it I went cold turkey with splenda in my coffee an cut the diet sodas out completely. Honestly I don’t fully know the long term risks in these chemicals and Id rather just cut it out. My normal diet is that of gluten free and little to no processed foods. Obviously BioTest the developer of the supplements on the VDIET don’t worry about splenda or artificial sweeteners since it is laced with it. Eating Splenda for each meal of the day gets old and I can’t imagine that it is all that great for you. The other thing that sucks is this. When I started the diet the shakes were soooo sweet. By day 17 I found myself adding a splenda packet to my shakes. MY body is adapting and wanting more splenda since it doesn’t taste as sweet. Definitely not cool. Again I chose BioTEST because they developed the VDIET and if I want to critique it I can’t use other supplements.

Today’s Workout was Awesome!!

I did sort of split workout today since my schedule was a bit broken up. I did a double kettlebell press workout and weighted pull ups. It was pretty strong. I switched between double 70lb  and 62lb kettlebells for the presses. And did weighted pullups with the kettlebell on my foot switching between the 35lb and 44lb bell. I then trained a couple clients then finished the workout!!! Myself and my friend and trainer Jackie decided to then go to the park and try the Litvinov WOrkout.

In Dan John’s book Never Let Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Living and Learning (which is a great read if you haven’t read it yet) he explains the Litvinov Workout. In a nutshell the story is about an amazing athlete that does 8 repetitions of front squats with 405 pounds and runs 400 meters for 3 sets. Well my version was as we would call it in the industry was “scaled” down. I did double kettlebell front squats. Each weighed about 62 pound for a total of about 124pounds and my sprints were a bit shy of 400 meters. My sprints were probably about 40-50 yards.  Instead of doing only 3 sets I did it 4 times. When you are not used to sprinting this workout was intense. I plan on increasing the distance each week till I can get to at least 100 yards. I definitely enjoyed the workout you can see me whine a bit about it in the video below. This was my second of 4 rounds.

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