Velocity Diet Day 16: Nothing New but the Truth

Today was the second consecutive day without severe hunger. I was really surprised. I didn’t really think about being hungry at all. I had my shakes as scheduled. I have been holding off on the first shake till a bit later in the morning though which has helped throughout the day. If you do this diet, that is one thing I would recommend. Hold off on the “breakfast” shake for a bit. Today was an off day from working out which is a good thing. Yesterdays  double kettlebell workout which was light weight definitely had my legs feeling a bit sensitive. Tomorrow is going to be an intense day so the rest today will be well needed. My walk was great and I got some sun as well.

The Scale:

I weighed in at 183.5 today. So I broke the 10lb weight loss which was great. Just to test me strength I pressed the 88lb Kettlebell today so I was content.  The goal is only 5.5lbs away.

Nothing New but the Truth

The one thing this experience is re-teaching me is that yes Nutrition is THE most important key in losing weight. Let me repeat THE MOST IMPORTANT THING IN WEIGHT LOSS. Yes, something I tell my clients daily and help them with in organizing their meals and picking food choices, yet I had to experience again for myself. Have I mentioned that my Bachelors Degree is in Nutritional Sciences. This diet has given me focus. Whether I really like it or not really doesn’t matter at this point. The fact is it has helped me prioritize and see what I have been doing. I really haven’t changed my workout routine much at all. The only think I have changed is the diet and the scale is moving. I actually think I did more conditioning prior to this and the scale didn’t change at all. As much as I thought I was watching what I was eating I was eating too much.Period. The hunger thing has also been an insight. Guys much bigger and stronger than me didn’t bitch about the hunger nearly as much as I did. It finally helped me realize that my meals at times are too big and I was eating way too much at night. The quality of my food was good but the quantity was off. Just like I have my clients keep diet journals when they are trying to lose weight I failed to follow my own instructions.

On a another note I am getting all of my stuff together to put a book together and this experiment has really got the ball rolling!

Already thinking about the NEXT CHALLENGE

I am starting to plan my next challenge and blog after the Velocity Diet. I am getting ready for RKC level 2 the first week of July so I have to play it safe with my training. I can’t afford to get injured so my idea of blogging on doing crossfit for a month is out. Plus I really don’t have it in me do random acts of exercise designed by someone that doesn’t even workout and test my strength at RKC 2. I may have to wait till after. I am also considering doing the Dan John 40 Day workout after RKC2 or take a spin at P90X (why not). The interesting thing is whatever program I start after July will set me up for the next Tactical Strength Challenge so we shall see what I choose to do. By the way we will be hosting it at Evolution Fitness in September. The date hasn’t been set yet but join the newsletter to stay posted for upcoming events and workshops. Email me any thoughts or ideas.

Remember Strength is the Key! Great Video

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