Velocity Diet Day 15: Best Day Yet and Boobs

I don’t know if I turned the corner or what but today was awesome. Hunger was much better and just felt in the zone.  Started with a great walk with my daughter and walked about 2miles again. I then went to my gym and did a double kettlebell complex workout. I decided to go light and just do a short smoker of a workout. After my foam rolling and some Get-ups, the workout lasted 9minutes. Yes with light weight and I was smoked. I didn’t have a bunch of time cause I needed to my daughter to Gymnastics at the Little Gym.  The workout looked like this:  Double 35lb bells (70lbs total) 6 swings, 6 cleans, 6 presses, 6 squats, 6 renegade rows on each arm. Repeated it for 6 rounds. Finished in about 8minutes and 50Seconds Done….. Since I went Heavy on Monday with my lifts, I decided to go lighter today. Friday will be a bit heavier again and Saturday will be conditioning based. The one thing I have learned over the years with training is that lighter weight days have a benefit especially when focusing on speed and explosiveness. Going heavy and intense all the time has consistently broken me over the years. A total of 216 repetitions, and 12,000 pounds moved. That is still a lot of tonnage.

Losing weight and gaining strength

I haven’t tested it yet but my workouts are strong. One big mistake people make when trying to lose weight is they lose muscle. Why is that? They decide to diet and then do lots of cardio. This is a great recipe for losing muscle, decreasing your metabolism(which lets the weight come on faster), and just be a smaller and still softer version of yourself. The term is called skinny fat. Sounds harsh I know, but being skinny fat isn’t much healthier than just being over weight.  Actually I know a good few people that may have some extra weight on their body that are much healthier than someone that can fit into a size 4-6 jeans. But unfortunately anorexic models are still setting the unrealistic and unhealthy standard.
Bottom line science supports it. Aerobic activity alone makes your muscles weak, bones brittle, and is for sissies. Sorry, but if you are still doing cardio because you think its all you need to be healthy then change your thinking. So now that I am off my rant. The point of this is, that I am still lifting heavy to keep and gain muscle while losing body fat. I am 10 pounds lighter and still pressed the 40kg Kettlebell with ease. If I decided to just get skinny and do cardio and follow the velocity diet I would bet that I would be a few pounds lighter and a good many pounds weaker as well.

Pictures of Day!

Ok so a funny joke. My friend Garret Smith NMD after my 2 day in a row of shirtless pics said “danny your acting like a girl showing off her new boobs”. I cracked up for about 2ominutes.  Well it is boob time again. Really this diet is working. I didn’t get a weight first thing in the morning, but after a big shake and some water I weighed 185 which probably has me closer to 183-184. So without further ado here are the boobs!

Day 15 PICS on the Velocity Diet. Evolution Fitness Tucson Kettlebell TrainingDay 15 pictures on the Velocity Diet at Evolution Fitness Systems Tucson Kettlebell

JUst for Reference: You can see Day 1 and Day 7 here.

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