Day 14: The Hangover

Last nights indulgence had its wrath today. I don’t consume alcohol and won’t touch the stuff. Last night’s eating frenzy caused hangover like effects this morning and all day with out remorse. Yes, food caused all the same symptoms I used to feel from alcohol (minus blackouts, urinating on the neighbors lawn,  and calls to security). Woke up in a fog this morning and had to struggle with everything, I had to force myself out of bed and I was miserable. My stomach hurt his morning and I didn’t have an appetite at all. I actually waited until almost 10:30am to have my morning shake and it wasn’t because I wanted it either. I would have waited longer but I knew I needed to have some fuel in my system. I didn’t have my next one till 2:15pm in the afternoon, and again it was more of a have to rather than being hungry. I just finished my 3rd shake at 7:30pm.  I don’t know if it was the quantity of food I ate or the gluten consumed, but either way I learned my lesson of being gluttonous. I actually felt the inflammation in my body today. Hands and feet felt a bit swollen and face was definitely puffier. These are usually the symptoms I get when I eat Gluten. So if you have these symptoms sometimes after a meal or just suffer from them in general I would recommend cutting out the gluten from your diet for 2 weeks and see how you feel. Then add it back in and see if the symptoms return. If you are not familiar with gluten it is found foods that contain wheat, rye, and barley. So that means bread, pasta, cracked wheat, and many processed foods as well. I had no excuse. I know I can’t eat it and I chose to last night.  Really as the day went on the symptoms didn’t get any better and I have never had the intensity of symptoms as I did today. So if you attempt this diet I would strongly recommend to follow the guidelines of lean protein, veggies,  a serving of a starch, and a fruit.


Even with the nasty feeling I had going on I still went for my 2 mile walk today. I am grateful it wasn’t a workout day because that would not have happened with how I was feeling. I can’t tell you enough how much I am really enjoying my walks. No matter what happens on this diet, the addition of walks in my life has been so awesome. I really hope to continue on, and make it a habit that started from this diet. Really it has turned to a form of meditation for me. Remember these are walks, not jogs, runs, or sprints. On the topic , I  can’t stand jogging and don’t allow my clients to do it. If you are a running athlete that is one thing, but running to get in shape is not something I usually recommend.

Half Way Point

Today is day 14 and it marks the half way point. I am very optimistic at this point. I really think that my weight will be at least at 178-180. I am getting used to the shakes and I am doing my best not to fight this thing. I am learning a lot about myself, food, meditation, will power, persistence, and discipline. Really making it through this diet is definitely an accomplishment in my opinion.

The Donger needs food!

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