Day 12: Blended not Stirred

Woke up this morning and got going on my walk. Put the dogs on the leash and walked for about 2miles. I live in the house I grew up in as a kid and it is funny how I just haven’t really gone through my neighborhood in years. It really was a trip down memory lane. I walked down streets a few hundred yards from my house that I haven’t been down in a decade. It was definitely a good walk and my dogs have appreciated this diet more than me I think. I had my morning black coffee and held off on my breakfast shake for as long as possible. Today it was about 9:30.  There are a couple reasons I do this.  First walking on an empty stomach is something that body builders have done for years to burn fatand they are pretty lean so I am going to follow the lead. Another reason for holding off as long as possible is that I still haven’t kicked the hunger thing yet so with so many waking hours I want to distribute the shakes over a shorter period of time rather than over a 15 hour day.

I made it to the radio studios today to do the show on a full stomach  and had a good radio show overall, minus the fact that a scheduled celebrity forgot to call in.  We discussed the diet on air and I am really surprised on the amount of emails I am getting from people saying that I am inspiring them with this diet. I am not really sure how, I personally think I am a bit whiney about being hungry all the time but I am glad that people are encouraged by my process. I think the not eating food thing has many tuned in. I have had about 3 people call me to say that they started or are starting the velocity diet in the last few days because of this blog, and I was kind of shocked honestly. But I guess tIf I can do it they felt like they could to as well.  And the funny thing is one of the people said they can’t finish all the shakes.  I would kindly have them. Having said that I am not affiliated with the diet nor do I make any money if people sign up for it either. I think it would take away from the credibility of my experience if I was getting paid to get people to do the diet.  As stated before I can’t give you my honest opinion on this diet till day 28. At that point I promise to give a full report on my findings with the Pro’s and the Cons. And to be even more honest I really don’t know what they are fully at this point. I will be at the half way point on Tuesday.

Panic Attack

During my day at work I just usually mix the shake in a bottle and water but when I am at home I really use my blender and make the shakes like a really thick Milk shake. And I will say that these shakes are pretty tasty in my opinion. If they weren’t I wouldn’t have made it this long. As I am putting my shake together minutes ago I realized my ice maker decided to stop making Ice. I seriously almost had a tantrum. There is a huge difference between a blended icy Milk shake and the power and water just mixed together. Over the past 12 days  I have started to perfect the water to ice ratio to make the perfect milkshake. When I thought I would have to go without the milk shake I was bummed. But my wife rescued me once again to find the ice I didn’t. So if you are doing this diet become best friends with your blender!!

Meal Day Tomorrow!!

Ahhh yes Tomorrow is Meal day. It will have been 8 days since my last real meal. I skipped today since my wife and I will be celebrating our 2 year anniversary tomorrow.I think it will be a night to eat. I will do my best to be responsible.  But I am sure I will keep you all posted on the events at dinner.   Till Then!!!

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