Day 11: Perseverance

I was all set today to eat at a good friends of mine going away BBQ.  I could taste the food this morning. I really didn’t care that it was a day early or that it may be 8 days till my next real meal. I really didn’t think it was cheating either. I get 4 meals over the 28 day period and if they are roughly a week apart I am OK with that.  I am consistently losing weight on this diet, so that part of the diet is working. The only problem came when I was talking to my parents today about baby sitting my daughter on Monday night so I could take my wife out for our 2 year anniversary. In mid sentence of saying we are going to go out for dinner I realized I had a big choice to make. Yep, I chose dinner with my wife of course.

The Test

Going to my friends’ Jason and Jackie’s house for the BBQ it was very tempting. The had very good food and most everything was meat, veggies, and gluten free, not the typical bbq at a friends house since the are both into fitness and eating right. Pretty much exactly what I can and would eat. Smelling the food was a bit rough though. But I am committed to doing this thing to the best of my ability. And eating two meals in 3 days isn’t part of it so I had to stick with it.

Another Small Slip

Well I have definitely slipped a bit today. The hunger kicked in again and I had some cucumber and a couple small pickles. Granted these are not part of the diet but my hunger got a bit out of control. Pickles are very, very low calorie and I highly doubt it will make a difference in the long run. I don’t plan on doing it daily but my stomach was really growling and being moody towards my wife would be a sure track of ending the diet completely.


I still haven’t adapted to the shakes making me full. According to many people on the forums they feel that they have trouble getting all the shakes down in a day. That has been the opposite for me.  I do really feel hungry all day. Blending it up into a shake helps a bit, but it is still challenging. I was hoping after the first week the hunger thing would get better, but it really hasn’t at all. I am doing my best to drink club soda and sparkling waters all day to keep my stomach full, but it still isn’t food.  Honestly if I didn’t want to give my honest critique of this thing I would have probably just modified it by now. In my conversation with Dan John last week he have me some advice when the going gets rough.”Just say this is the stupidest diet in the whole world and I this is my last day doing it.” Pretty much just taking it a day at a time is how it has to be.  If I think too far out it won’t work.


The fact of strength gaining is still up in the air. Being a bit carb depleted is tough to tell if I still have strength or not. I haven’t followed the training program they give with it for a couple of reasons. First it is really not my training style, and secondly I have certain strength goals I have to upkeep. I am doing RKC 2 in July and I have to press a kettlebell that is half my body weight with one arm.(Part of the reason I want to lose weight) Since the 88lb bell is a solid weight for me I really want to show up at 185 or less. And 185 is my normal adult weight as well, it has only been in the last year that I creeped past it.

In many respects my workouts are probably less intense in terms of metabolic training then the prescribed workouts and still a bit focused on strength. I have followed the challenge workout on the diet and it is fun and burns some major calories I am sure. If I wasn’t losing any weight I would switch workouts, but since weight loss is steady I don’t see the need to have tons of metabolic activity with a carb depleted diet unless I really want to lose muscle. Another day down! Honestly this blog has been a saving grace for me. If I don’t finish this thing I would feel like a punk. So the lesson of the day is stick to it no matter what and finish what I started. Until tomorrow

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