Velocity Diet Day 10: Another Day Down

Today was kind of challenging. My workout was pretty low key and it just felt heavier than I would have liked. That has kind of been the theme this week. I am down to 185 pounds in the morning which is about 8-9pounds from my beginning weight. I took my body fat today and though my pictures have really shown me leaning out the BF % hasn’t changed that significantly. With the workouts not feeling that great I definitely got a bit discouraged. I am working out tomorrow and have a strength day on Monday. I will see how these days feel after monday. Now a lot of this is normal when you start to deplete carbohydrates so I am looking forward to next week to see how my body stabilizes. If you have been following this blog you know my goal is to lose some weight but not at the expense of strength. There are lots of ways to become a skinny manorexic pussy and I am hoping this isn’t one of the ways. I did try something else for hunger today which definitely helped. I sipped on some apple cider vinegar. 2 shots of Apple Cider Vinegar = stomach shrinkage = hunger relief.

Next Meal

I know I am supposed to have another Meal on Sunday but I may have it tomorrow since I will be attending a going away BBQ for a friend and I will just have my next meal again next weekend. The weight loss is going well so I am not worried about eating a day early.

The Biggest Loser

On my radio show this weekend we are interviewing 2009 Biggest Loser winner Patrick House. I am going to probably have a heart to heart with him, I am sure he knows all about hunger and food deprevation:-) If you want to listen in you can tune in to 104.1FM in Tucson or Via the internet from everywhere in the world  11am Tucson time. If you have any questions feel free to call in.

Well If I can’t Eat I can atleast watch my daughter eat.

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