Day 9: A New Awareness

Me Time

Today I had an added benefit of doing the Velocity Diet. I tend to get pretty booked as a trainer and business owner (which by the way I am very grateful for). Many times if I have a cancellation, I either fit someone else in to it or do paper work. Today I didn’t have to be at work till 10am. That is  rarity but it seems that many clients are out of town this week. Instead of just working I decided to spend some time with my family and do the NEPA(Non-Exercise Physical Activity) assignment of the day. I strapped my daughter in to her stroller and got her out of the house which allowed my wife to get ready for work without a 15month old attached to her. I would say I walked for about a mile and a half and it was great. Watching my daughter point at things and laugh was great. I also got to just walk and have some quiet time as well. Something I don’t do enough of and know that I need to do more of. I didn’t jog or try and sprint, just walk. I found myself actually just saying a few prayers and just feeling connected. That simple. A walk with my daughter and not rushing to be anywhere.  I have to say that I probably wouldn’t have gone for a walk today if I knew I didn’t have to. I would have probably corralled my daughter in the living room and watch her while I sat on my computer to take care of business stuff. So I have definitely got a side benefit of this diet that I didn’t expect. Going for a walk is something I just don’t do. Granted I am on my feet a lot training all day but I rarely walk anywhere. There is a  store about 300 yards from my gym and in the past I have just jumped in to my truck to get there thinking it was faster. This week I walked there a couple of times instead of driving which is what I should have been doing all along.


Overall today was just like any other. A bit of hunger but definitely getting more bearable. The night time is still a bit intense, I sipped on some pickle juice tonight, the sodium probably isn’t good but it does help appetite. I also did some mint tea which also helps as well. Tomorrow is another solid workout day so 6 shakes are a good day! Really there is only 2 days that I take in only 5 shakes. The rest are 6 shake or meal days.


One cool thing about the V-Diet is there are numerous forums on T-nation’s website. Chris Shugart the creator of the diet also has a forum that is called “Ask Chris” where you have direct access to him. The mint tea was a suggestion I have taken and also seen other people that have gone through what I have.  It is definitely a cool thing to go to but it still isn’t food:-)

Added Thermogenics

I was going to avoid thermogenics on the diet. Thermogenics are meant to increase body temperature and metabolism. The unfortunate side effects of some are that they can also increase resting heart rate and definitely throw off adrenal function. The old thermogenics had ephedra and would stimulate the adrenals at full effect causing a huge crash and aweful side effects. I has spoken to a good few people that have taken Hot ROX the thermogenic recommended on this diet and they have all said they haven’t crashed or had any weird side effects like other thermogenics they have have taken in the past. Today I took 2 this morning and one in the afternoon. Definitely felt a bit of a pick me up but nothing more than a cup of coffee, and no crash or irritability. Now having said this I am pretty insensitive to caffeine so if you are not used to it i am sure you may feel different but I didn’t really have any side effects except for an uncomfortable hiccups after wards.

As Ice Cube would say:

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