Day 7: Pics Posted One week

Well there has been some soul searching on whether or not I would post pics this soon or not. Honestly my ego didn’t want to show my before pics until I got to the end but I felt it was important to do it now. Once again to hold me more accountable. Granted leading up to the Day 1 picture body composition wasn’t at the top of my priorities(obviously) I was on a mission to lift heavy and only heavy. The cool thing was I did more strict pull-ups at my heaviest weight in years which is pretty cool from a strength perspective. So here are the pictures after 7 days. Again as a reminder. Picture #1(on the left) I weighed 194 pounds and about 15% bodyfat. Picture #2, 7 days later I weigh 187 pounds, and haven’t taken body fat yet, I will do that this week. I apologize for the underwear shot on #2 but the pants are fitting a bit looser. Not at undewear model status yet but you never know. Abdominals have come in a bit better and my chest is more defined. So far I really haven’t checked my strength yet I feel pretty strong.

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I am hoping this new trend will continue . The ultimate goal is to be between 175 and 178 pounds at the end of this. I would like to do 21+ strict pullups and Deadlift 450pounds.

As for an update on the diet, today was good day. I have realized that if I put a bit less water and more ice, the blended shakes come out much tastier(glad I figured that out on Day 7 and not day 25).


Just like anyone else I have to schedule my workouts in to my schedule. Finding time to workout is something that even as a gym owner can be challenging some times. Practically living in a gym but finding time to workout is more difficult than it seems. Training others 6-10 hours a day and then running the business end of things and working out is difficult. And just like anyone else, when the day is over it is time to leave work. Hanging out at work when the day is over  is no fun whether it is a gym or not. This diet has helped me focus a lot, and schedule time for me as well.  Today was a Non-Exercise Physical Activity day so I walked about 2 miles outside in between clients . Yes you heard me correctly, walking is NOT exercise, it is just physical activity. Unless you have been bed ridden for month walking is the minimal you should be able to do. Tomorrow I am doing double kettlebell complexes and excited to get a strong workout in plus I get 6 shakes tomorrow which is nice.

I have had numerous people ask me if I would recommend this diet and my honest opinion is……………………… I really have to wait till I have completed the 28 days to do so. Right now I am just coming out of my whining stage of the diet and hopefully the results will speak for themselves. But I will say if you struggle to have any discipline with working out and exercise prior to trying this you may want to consider other options.

A big thanks to all of you for following this and all of my clients at Evolution Fitness. And yes I will use this to plug my business. If you are interested in One on OneTraining, Corrective Exercise or Awesome Kettlebell Classes please contact us. If you tell us you are following the blog we will give you the Velocity Training special. Call us at 445-6800 or email me at and say i am interested in the Velocity Special.

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