Day 4 Velocity Diet, looking forward to tomorrow

Well another day down!  Jumped on the scale and weighed in at 187.5. that is 6.5 pounds down. Now some of that is extra water but I am also assuming there is a good amount of fat in that as well. I will do another body fat % next week to make sure. Again, if I start losing strength or muscle, this diet really isn’t all that is hyped up to be, but so far besides feeling hungry I haven’t had any signs of loss of energy or strength besides for once(read on). Honestly one thing I have noticed is that since I have been on this I have not really craved my morning coffee. I actually got to work the other day before I realized I didn’t have my usual must have coffee.

Discipline, persistence, and dedication all come to play in this. I made a crucial mistake this morning and almost paid the price. I got caught up with clients today and missed a shake after having one heck of a workout. I drank the recovery shake immediately post workout but waited too long for the next one. Low blood sugar kicked in and I started to feel lightheaded. Had to go in the middle of a session to make sure I got my shake. Part of the reason is, today’s workout was very challenging and focused a lot on metabolic conditioning. Lots of repetitions and intensity and not much rest. The good news is you only do one workout per week like this.  Over all the days are pretty easy but this evening I had another huge challenge. My wife and I went to a party that served some amazing food. It was a bit difficult to avoid the temptation with the smell of the good food and watching everyone eat, but I survived. Tomorrow will I will have my first hard meal at my mom’s house and I am looking forward to eat some real food. I am still wondering what the hell I got myself into, but I committed to doing this and I have too many people watching me so 4 days down 24 to go!! I keep thinking the end goal is to weigh 178 pounds at about 10% body fat and deadlift 2.5x my bodyweight. It would also be nice to do 20+ strict pullups.

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