Day 3 Velocity Diet, Kind of Caved??

Well maybe not caved completely, but night time is a bit more challenging. I ate a cucumber. There I admitted it.  The one positive thing that has come out of this diet so far is an insight.During the day I am fine but during the nights the hunger creeps in. Pretty much over the past year my eating habits have changed a bit. As my schedule changed and became busier I started eating much less during the day and usually ate 60-70% of my calories after I got home at 7pm. Now in general this could be debatable as good or bad but I will say my food choices have continued to be healthy and balanced but as this ratio of amount of food eaten at night has changed I also gained about 10 pounds. Now, I did get stronger and it wasn’t all fat, but I did gain a couple percentage of body fat as well.  So for me I am seeing that eating large amounts at night may not work for keeping lean.

The one physical thing that I have already noticed is that my skin feels much tighter already and my abdominals are coming back in already. The scale today 188.8. That is over 5 pounds in 3 days. Workout day tomorrow which means I get 6 shakes instead of 5! First meal will be Sunday at Mom’s house. Sunday can’t come soon enough!!

I will say I have received a good amount of support and heckling for this project which has been a blast. Everything from my friend Scott in Pennsylvania offering his experience on getting through the diet and the benefits he saw from it to Friends like Dave texting me his meal of Prime ribs and crab cakes and kind enough to think of me.

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