Day 1 of the Velocity Diet

I won’t post my before pictures yet because my ego may not be able to handle it yet. I usually spend much of my time around 185 pounds, put some weight on a mass building phase. The goal is to get down to 175- 180 pound and…. Keep or gain strength….

Here are the beginning stats:

194 pounds,  15.6% Body Fat,  Abdominal Measurement 36inches (still fit in 34 jeans comfortably though).

Strength was maximally tested last month: 430lb dead lift, 19 strict pullups, 1 pullup with 24kg kettlebell on foot. 88lb Kettlebell press on Right arm x 2.

Can’t really tell you exactly how the diet is going yet but in Recap…. if you like food this diet may not be for you. 10 pm tonight ate my last shake and it couldn’t have come sooner. Overall the shakes are tasty only 27 more days left. Will keep you posted….

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