Project #1 The Velocity Diet

As any one that has been a fitness enthusiast for a number of years we tend to have one thing in common. We tend to be human guinea pig for the fitness industry. 10 sets of 1o, super slow reps, HIT, HIIT, Crossfit, kettlebells, Zumba, Pilates, Tae Bo,the Atkins Diet, The cabbage diet, South Beach, Paleo, and the list could go on forever. With over  20  years of experience lifting weights and working out I have tried numerous approaches to training and nutrition. It is usually pretty easy for me to discount numerous approaches marketed to the general public via flashy internet ads, infomercials, and celebrity testimonials. And though some of these processes may work the risk to benefit ratio just isn’t worth it many times. I mean if you really want to lose weight quickly don’t eat for a couple days and you will see results but the risk just isn’t worth it.  I guess now if I am going to try something I really want to quantify the results, mot just weight loss, body fat, and before and after pictures, but really what happens to my performance. If I follow a diet or a workout routine and lose my strength is it really worth it? My answer is no, but for many people strength really isn’t a factor since much of our society is primarily vanity based. So I have an experiment I want to try. It surrounds the Velocity diet.

In a nutshell you eat 5 to 6 shakes per and a few different supplements through out the day including fish oils and fiber. It even has a superfood mix with fruit and vegetable extracts to get a whole food source for vitamins. You eat one solid meal per week and you do this for 28 days.  I researched the nutrient content and all the macro nutrients are covered as well as the vitamins and essential fats are all there. It definitely has a high protein content and a lower carbohydrate load, but you do get more carbohydrates on workout days.  So basically it is chemically engineered food and the amount you take is based on your body weight. The goal of the diet….get ripped and lean. I have to say the before and afters are impressive on the t-nation website. Strength coach Dan John tried it and lost 23 pounds over the 28 days. So why am I trying it?  Well one reason is I am just a bit bored. Last year I needed lots of corrective exercise to correct many asymmetries I had going on. A year later my FMS scores are dramatically improved and I am injury free. A year of correctives has made a world of difference. The past year has also been a year of major gains in strength. I started viewing my workouts less and less as workouts and more as training sessions the result is almost a 100 pound gain in my dead lift and a personal record of 19 strict pull-ups. The fact is my workouts are working and strength is still my goal so I don’t really want to mess with that. But over the last year a few other things have also happened.  I became a father, quit a job, and started  a business.  The result has also been a gain of a bout 10 pounds, some of which is muscle  but I also know I would like to be around 180 instead of 190 and keep my strength. So this is where this experiment comes in. 28 days isn’t too bad and it also will help break my boredom. It will also give me an opportunity critique something. Instead of me bashing this diet before I try it I can come from a perspective of actually going through it. I will measure my body fat percentage, weight, and Strength. I will continue to post my results and experience. You can check out the velocity diet on T-nation website for all the details. I purchased the package but chose to forego the thermogenics since I really don’t want to mess with my adrenals.  I was tempted to make my own concoction of the Velocity diet by mixing and matching my own version of 28 days of shakes but after my conversation with Dan John he said if your gonna do the diet, do it exactly how they say so you can actually critique it. So here it goes…. The supplements should arrive any day.. Stay tuned for more..

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