Enough with the Biggest Loser, Lara Bars, and Idiocracy

Maybe I rant on things that are minor on the topics of world events. I tried that before and decided there wasn’t any money in bitching about politics and that everyone out there including myself and the media really don’t know crap about what is really going on in world affairs. So I decided to stick with what I know and what I am a student of. Exercise.Period.  In the same breath I am not going to exclaim that I am a guru in this field. I look to Dan John, Pavel, and others to be lead the way in this point of my career, maybe just maybe one day I will achieve a level of expertise to put me there.

People can argue that me bitching about the Biggest Loser is a waste of breath, but I think the more information and opposing opinion that is out there is crucial to steer the masses that watch this trash. Yes Trash.. I have heard others say that there are some positives about the show that I need to look at, like its ability to inspire people to get out and exercise more. Well I am going to crush that logic. First off the show is based on entertainment purposes and money making only. If you can view it like you are watching an episode of the Honeymooners you are probably OK, but I believe the show is actually doing more harm than good. A clip from one episode shows the trainer giving his clients a Larabar touting it’s healthiness and the fact that it is gluten free! Here is the nutritional acts off of a Pecan pie Lara bar :14g, 24g, 3g. Now lets look at a Snickers bar Fat:14g, carbs 35g, and 4 grams of Protein. So we are looking at about a difference of 36 calories different. I am not going to promote snickers here as better than a Lara, I am pointing out that as a society we deem candy bars to be unhealthy and a Lara Bar as to be healthy what the hell is going on? Well the fact is Lara Bar is a paid advertiser of the show and pretty much show is a whore to money so there is nothing they won’t sell. If anyone has seen Jillian Michaels idea of swinging a kettlebell or Whatever the hell his name is do a turkish get up you can tell that the level of expertise is that of picking up a trainer off the floor at your local community center is where they are at.  It is crucial that they pick Jillian an Bob because they are clueless and uneducated, if they had any level of expertise they wouldn’t stand for what is going on. If I sell out ever just resend me this blog.

It is a known fact that many of the participants have had Gastric bypass surgeries which is common place for todays society. Now I have had clients that have had these surgeries done and used it to change their lives and probably save their lives as well. But for most of America this isn’t an option and in many cases people watching don’t know that a surgery has been done on these over weight actors we see on television. Yes I called them actors because there is nothing real about the situation these people are put in. Lets take you away from everyday life. Feed you little food and when we do stuff you with protein laced candy bars. Then we are going to train you to exhaustion numerous times daily, yell at you because you are fat, and then humiliate you and kick you off the show for only losing 10 pounds in a week. Shame on America for allowing this to go on and give it high ratings, dvd’s, and way too much air time. If watching overweight people lose tons of weight is exciting to you and watching actors that are fed scripts to train them then go right ahead and let your mind waste away. This type of misinformation and idiocracy is where we are going.

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3 Responses to Enough with the Biggest Loser, Lara Bars, and Idiocracy

  1. Rachel Tineo says:

    OMG! All I can say Danny is you are so freaking right! This show makes me sick. These are not real pepole that have real jobs and have to work for a living. I never talked to you about this subject but it is just to funny that we have the same opinion about it! I love it! All I can say is you got it right all completely. Thank you for being you!

  2. I have watched the show, a few times for amusement. What I never understood was how do they complete some of these tasks and get out of bed the next morning? I am in decent shape, but I don’t bike. I am certain that these all day workouts are impossible for a normal individual. On the show, they might use the stationary bike until only one of them is left. No way can a person be expected to exercise every muscle every day, all day long.

    I don’t get it.

  3. sarena says:

    never watched it!

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