Entering the Last week Of the Paleo Challenge at Evolution Tucson

It has been one heck of a run over the 4 and a half weeks. There are 10 days left of the challenge. So far it has been amazing. One of my clients brought in a chart of her weight loss over the past 8 months. Though there had been a steady decrease in weight over the previous 5 months prior to the Paleo challenge, over the past 5 weeks her weight loss has nearly quadrupled in rate. The first 5 months had a bit over 20 pounds of weight loss. Over the past 5 weeks……….. 12 additional pounds. The first 5 months was focused on portion control, cutting out junk food, and reducing the sugar intake. As seen in the results tightening up the nutrition to strictly following Paleo has taken the results to an entirely new level. By the way she is now under 150 pounds and just repped out 185 pound deadlifts during a group workout last week, so without even looking at body fat percentages I am pretty sure she is NOT losing muscle. At Evolution Tucson we strongly promote Paleo Nutrition to nearly all of our clients, not just for the challenge but as a way of life. This doesn’t mean you can’t go out for sushi on occasion and eat some rice, but as a rule eating paleo 90% of the time can change your life. On a side note NOT eating gluten 100% is also highly recommended. For a great source of information read The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet by Robb Wolf.

The Final day of the challenge is March 12th. Final Pictures, weigh-ins and measurements need to be taken no later than March 14th. Dr. Garrett Smith NMD and Myself will announce the winner on the March 20th Episode of The Path to Strength and Health. Stay posted for the before and afters.

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