What about a Cheat Day?

I have received a few questions about cheat days on the 6 week Paleo Challenge. When can I have a cheat day? What is a good thing to cheat on? Cheat,Cheat,Cheat,Cheat,Cheat,Cheat,….. My response… Cheat all you want, just don’t expect the results you are looking for. “But it is important to me to have a cheat day for my emotional state!”.. My response, “Maybe you need to look at your relationship with food. Food should not control and make our emotions or behavior.” Most of us are on the challenge to see results. It is six weeks, 42 days of our lives, period. Stick with it, see the results. Why I don’t choose to cheat or recommend it. First off, if getting lean is your goal then you need to allow your body to work with itself. As you begin to eat by these guidelines your body will start utilizing fat a bit better and become less reliant on all the sugar circulating in your system at any given time. Your cheat will effectively then allow your body’s chemistry to start feeding on sugar again and throw off the fat burning machine your body is trying to create. Also, a meal that is less than desirable is one thing and an entire day of binging is another. Cheating also just makes it harder on you to stick with it. Once the Sugar is in your system you make it harder to break the sugar and insulin cycle again. Even cheating on one meal or desert, or having once isolated gorging session is not a good idea. Also, if you choose foods that have gluten in it remember that gluten can stay in your system for weeks and weeks. Allow your body to really adapt to this eating plan rather than fight it. Have your cheat meal 6 weeks from now because then you will have earned it. A week or two of eating healthy (that is all this diet is) does not deserve pats on the backs, sob stories, or cheats. May sound harsh but its the truth. It is just food and if you think food is too much pressure to control, then once again look at your relationship with food.
After the 6 weeks I encourage you try to eat the old way for a few meals and see how you feel. If you get the response of your body not liking it then you make the choice whether or not to go down the old road.

Stay strong and focused. Your body will thank you and you will know what you are capable of achieving with your body.

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