HKC is Coming to Town

google57aed458c04b06a4HKC Kettlebell Certification in Tucson ArizonaFirst HKC Certification… Get Ready TucsonYes you heard correctly!! Dragondoor is coming to Tucson to hold an HKC certification. The HKC is the introductory Certification to the RKC which is the Elite Certification in the world. This Certification will allow you to get a taste of what the RKC is all about and to learn the fundamentals to take you to the next level.  Evolution Fitness is honored to host this event to spread the education of the best kettlebell training organization in the world. Dragondoor is an amazing organization that focuses on the highest quality instruction. Sr. RKC Zar Horton and Team Leader Andrea Chang will be leading the event and they are individuals are just great to be around if you want your training and knowledge go to the next level.  To Register go to Save $100 if you pre-register. Only a limited amount of space.  You can also reach Evolution Fitness Directly at 520-445-6800 or

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