Tactical Strength Classes at Evolution Fitness

The TSC has been a staple of Evolution Fitness and was one of the things that really helped build the Evolution Fitness community when we opened over 4 years ago. We have taken a short break from hosting the events but we are back. Last week we started a 12 week class leading up to the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge to help people prepare for this awesome challenge! The TSC really gave way to our gym motto of TRAIN WITH PURPOSE!

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So what is is the TSC? 

The TSC is an event that puts all of your handwork together. It is an opportunity to really focus and become better than you were and have quantifiable results to show for it. The Competition consists of testing your Max Deadlift, Pull-ups or Flexed Arm Hang, and 5-Kettlebell Snatch Test. It is a great representation of maximal strength, strength endurance, and conditioning.   It isn’t about who lifts the most or wins, but more about every persons ability to Train with Purpose and see improvement. The best part is we make it extremely fun. The person that deadlifts 130lbs gets the gym just as pumped up as a 500lbs Deadlift!

When are the TSC Classes offered?

Wednesday 6am, 6:15pm and Thursday 8:30am and 5:30pm.  Over the next 12 weeks leading up to the event on April 12th we will be teaching the fundamentals and progressively training the deadlift and Kettlebell Snatch during this hour, and we will be including pull-ups in our programming throughout the week in our other kettlebell classes to make sure you are ready. The plan is when the event takes place you will be in prime position to show up and hit the goals you have set out for.

What if you don’t want to compete?

If you don’t want to compete but still want to train the deadlift and kettlebell snatches we encourage to take the classes anyway. It is important to learn new movements and the barbell deadlift is an invaluable exercise to learn.

What are the requirements to participate in TSC classes?

The only requirements for participation is to be injury free, show up consistently every week, and keeping a training journal. We also want you to bring long socks to deadlift. Consistency is the most important thing with this. We have designed this program to advance you through the movements from week to week. Just showing up occasionally is not what this class is about. We just ask that you make one of the times each week.


So whether or not you want to participate or not please come and cheer on everyone on April 11th here at Evolution Fitness, It is a blast The energy is contagious and we will have a fun party at the end of the event for those in and out of our community to come and enjoy. Lifting starts at 11am.

How to Register?

To officially be part of the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Challenge you can register online on the StrongFirst Website very soon. There is a $25 fee to register and you will receive a nice TSC shirt with your registration and your results will be posted on the website to see how you fared. That is the best way to make it official. If you want to just compete and not get the awesome shirt and have your results posted you can still register for free  and compete at no charge. You don’t have to be a member of Evolution Fitness or Tucson Barbell to compete or watch. This event is open to everyone that wants to put their training on showcase and have a great day.

Here is a video of one of our Past Tactical Strength Challenges. They are a blast.

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