The Turkish Getup Challenge for January 2014!!

Many people are asking about what the Challenge will be this year. Last year we did the 10,000 Swing Challenge for the entire month of January. As many of you that did it you can testify it is definitely a challenge especially because it take consistency to really make it not as painful as it sounds. Doing 322 swings/day doesn’t sound that bad, but if you miss a few days it turned into 600 swings on some days… Many procrastinated all month long and ended up having a few 1000+ swing days.  We didn’t have any weight requirements since the volume alone is sufficient enough to be the challenge. So why didn’t we do it again this year? Well there were a few reasons. First, many people that did it felt that they didn’t have anything else left to prove and really didn’t feel like doing it again (myself included). Second, for many the volume was not very forgiving on the hamstrings. Though the 10,000 kettlebell swing challenge wasn’t the worst thing you could do for you body, we felt that the volume was a bit excessive and in overall picture it took longer to recover for some people.

For January 2014  we decided to do the 500 Get-up challenge. We feel that this challenge should leave people better off than when they started and not as locked up in the hamstrings. The get up is a great move that really does add lots of benefit to our overall strength and movement. If you were to be diligent everyday of the month you would be doing 16/TGU’s per day total(8 on each side). So yes, it is 500 total NOT 500 on each side.   As for the weight requirement we are not stating one, but I will say that doing them with weight is better than doing them without. If you are a 200 lb guy and you think doing 500- 13lb getups is great, you should man up and challenge yourself a bit more if your form and technique are good. If you are having a strong day do a few really heavy ones, then some moderate and light getups.  The purpose of this isn’t to rush through the getups as fast as you can. Take your time and really focus on form and technique. Here is a quick video I put together on TGU form and technique and with a different variation as well.

For those of you that have knee issues while doing turkish Get-ups you may want to try this variation here from Sr. SFG Andrea Chang..

And for the guys that want to do their getups with the 8kg… this video is here to inspire you courtesy of SFG, Jackie Luciano.

How to incorporate the challenge into your routine?

Since I am training pretty hard for a powerlifting meet I plan on using them as my warmups before every training session. Doing 16 Getups should be one heck of a warmup. I will also use them on my “off days” as active recovery.

The hope for this challenge.

That everyone becomes not only better at Get ups, but hopefully better at moving. I would also assume that many people will find that their presses should improve a bit as well. If you challenge yourself with moderate to heavy weights a few times throughout the week you will see greater over all benefit, just make sure your form is on.  There are a few different variations of the Getup and many people may have to make adjustments. Some people may not be able to do a full getup due to injuries or other issues. If this is the case you can do a half getup. If you choose to do half getups your goal is 1000:-)  Enjoy the challenge and keep us up to date on our Facebook Page!!

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