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I remembered what Coach Dan John said in Never Let Go (awesome read). “If you want to know about fat loss or musclebuilding, ask top level bodybuilders.”

Nutrition has always been something I have loved to study. I have a Bachelors Degree in Nutritional Sciences from the University of Arizona and did a good amount of post graduate research work after that at the UofA as well. Over the years I have tried just about every single diet, Low Carb, Paleo, Atkins, High Carb, and the Velocity Shake Diet. Most times I do it out of boredom and many times I like to be my own guinea pig. If someone asks me about it, I can really say from experience whether it sucked or not. If you are wondering about the Velocity Diet…. It sucked and there is no need to ever do it unless you just want to be miserable and have the need to under eat for an entire month. Over past couple years I have focused my training towards competitive powerlifting. The only unfortunate part is that I ate as a Super Heavy Weight. I went from 200lbs to 215lbs and not all of it was good weight. Though my strength did improve incredibly I didnt’ need need to be 215lbs. I know my best weight is in the 190′s. So here I am wanting to lean out and didn’t have the determination to do it. I started slow in March and got off the high fat/low carb thing and immediately dropped to 203lbs which was a great start.  I wanted more and knew that I needed more discipline.  So instead of cracking down on myself, I did what my clients do with me. I hired someone to keep me accountable and guide me. It is amazing how I know what is right, but left to my own devices I will justify the fried egg, avocado bacon burger after a heavy squat session……10 minutes after I said I needed to lean out.  I hired Pro Body Builder Tyler Mayer to guide me on this journey. The best part about working with him is he is also a powerlifter and understands I don’t want to get skinny at the expense of getting weak.  I have cut before and lost 30% of my strength, but I had ripped abs bro!!  What sold me on Tyler was he was big on not starving me and crashing my metabolism. Slow and steady wins the race and I trusted Tyler on this. He works with the Peltz brother’s out of Revolution Training and they are freaky strong  and lean! In the past 3 weeks I have dropped 8lbs and hit 3 very big gym personal records so we are on the right track. I asked him some questions that I thought most people needed to hear the answers to.

Eating carbs and losing weight is possible

Eating Carbs is not the Enemy…


1. Tell us a little bit about your background(Accomplishments as Powerlifter, BodyBuilder, experience in Coaching athletes with Nutrition, the name of your company and what you do

I am an IFPA professional natural bodybuilder and have been competing since 2007. Since starting my career in bodybuilding I have competed in about 8 competitions and have placed at least in the top 5 in all of them, won two overalls and many first place awards in my class. My last show was in 2011 where I earned my natural pro card and in a couple days, I’ll be competing in my pro debut at the IFPA Pro International September 14th. I’ll be looking to compete in the Yorton Cup this year which is a huge goal of mine.

I’m also a natural powerlifter. I recently started competing in meets over a year ago and have fallen in love ever since. It keeps me motivated in the offseason from my bodybuilding shows and helps me get under some heavy weight.

Professionally I am a nutrition consultant for Tyler’s Nutrition Training LLC (AKA Team TNT) & The Diet Doc Phoenix. The TNT side is more for the competitors and the Diet Doc side is more for general weight loss etc. I have worked with Dr. Joe Klemczewski for many years now and he has taught me so much about the industry and with dieting. He has PhD’s in nutritional science has taught me so many things with diet and just life in general. I have learned a lot through my experience with clients as well. I think that’s a huge factor when helping people diet because you can’t go by the book all the time, you have to know life situations and how to help others when the time gets tough.

I have coached several athletes to winning their natural pro cards and have helped many others look their best on stage. I have helped many improve when it comes to changing their physiques. I have several general weight loss clients as well and those that want to make a healthy lifestyle change and I provide just that style of diet to them. Something that is more sustainable and livable while enjoying foods that you like while eating carbs!

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2.What are some of the biggest mistakes you see people make when they are trying to lose weight?

Probably the biggest mistake people make when starting a “diet” is that they cut their calories and carbs drastically. I see this all the time where people will slash their carbs to the point to where they end up binging and regaining their weight back rather quickly. That’s why 98% of all people who start a diet end up gaining their weight back and then some within two years.

Society has taught us that carbs are so bad for you and that they are the devil. Which in reality they aren’t. We need carbs to live, to function in a healthy manner, and to retain homoeostasis. We can eat and handle more carbs in our diet than we think. As long as you are counting how many you are eating a day you can be a lot better off eating more in the end and that’s what I teach my clients all the time.

One other bad thing is that people automatically assume that you can’t eat certain foods and that you have to restrict yourself. And if you have a little bit of ice cream, within moderation, that you are going to gain all this weight/fat. Well that’s simply not true either. You can have foods at restaurants, you can have foods that you enjoy and still make progress. You just have to know how much of that you are eating.

3. Can you give the readers the low down on carbs?  I was telling a friend the other day that I was eating 250+ grams of carbs per day and have dropped 3% body fat in the past 3 weeks and he didn’t believe I was eating carbs and doing that?

Carbs are something that are given a really bad name for itself. A lot of people think that if we eat carbs we will gain fat and it doesn’t’ matter how many carbs we eat. Well that’s’ true but only if you are overeating them. Most of us think that if we go out to eat and have let’s say a bunch of pizza, wings, beer, and some chips 3-4 nights a week and you are gaining some serious weight with that, most would think that it was the carbs that caused the weight gain. Well that’s part of it, but we don’t think of how much fat we are consuming as well. A gram of fat is over double the calories what a gram of carbohydrate is. Our fat consumption has gone up more in the last decade than carbohydrates have. We essentially have to watch our intake when it comes to both of those macronutrients but it’s all in moderation and knowing exactly how much you are eating by counting your macronutrients. So the key is to eat as many calories and carbs as you possibly can while getting leaner.


I give my clients the amount of carbs that they need based on their activities levels and dieting history. Carbs are our primary energy source so we have to feed our body to make sure that we are functioning properly. So if you structure your carbs more around the important times of the day, you can use those carbs a little better and not store them as fat. But you have to eat everything in moderation. If you go ahead and eat a whole pizza then of course you are going to put on some fat either way you look at it.

Studies have shown that you can lose weight 50% faster if you just structure your day correctly and you can eat the same amount of calories you normally eat. So if you’re not snacking all the time between your meals you can burn though some more fat because you are allowing your body to digest the food previously eaten and dig into your glycogen storages.

4, I know in the past I have become pretty shredded and very lean but lost a significant amount of Strength, And since I have been working with you I have become lean and still remaining extremely strong. Without giving away all of your secrets what is it that you do differently than what we see on other diet plans.

The biggest thing is creating that structure for my clients to make sure they are eating enough around their workouts so that they can use that as energy and remain strong in the gym. Plus if you eat the right amount of carbs and not slash them you’ll be able to retain more muscle and more strength than if you cut your carbs dramatically. The combination of protein and carbs are more anabolic than protein alone. I have been dieting now for about 35+ weeks and I’m hitting PR’s in just about everything other than my squats. I’m currently about 3-4% body fat and down 32 pounds since I started cutting. I’m really looking forward to slowly putting some weight back on to see what I really can hit in the gym in terms of PR’s.

5. How important is meal timing and fat loss?

I think it’s very important. You definitely need to prioritize your meals around your workouts so that you are using those meals effectively for your workouts. And it’s more about meal spacing as well. If you are snacking all the time then you’ll be more prone to gaining some fat and overeating. Plus if you are spacing your meals out well enough and eating around the clock, you’ll be able to stay much leaner while eating more food by the end of the day.

6. Intermittent fasting  and Paleo have become the rage in the fitness world. do you see any benefits of it?

There are some pros and cons to both. Yes Paleo has you eating some good foods but you are restricted and on a low carb diet. Which in turn, can give you a higher chance of failing on that type of approach.

IF is a good approach for those that are on a time crunch most of the time. If one were to do the IF approach I would recommend doing the fasting for 16 hours and then giving yourself an 8 hour window to eat. So that can be done in 2-3 meals. But overall if you have time to eat around the clock, in my opinion that’s the best approach.

The bad part about IF is that you are eating much larger meals. Sometimes people that don’t eat during the day become much more hungry, have lower blood sugar, they get hypoglycemic and start craving bad food. So when they get their chance to eat, they eat everything in site and that’s not very healthy. Plus as we all know that if you overeat you will most likely be putting on some fat rather than losing it.

7. I tell many of my clients to Journal everything they are eating, how do you feel about recording food intake in a journal or APP.

Having a log is very important so you can document everything that you are eating so that you know exactly how much food you really are eating. Most of us would be surprised how much food we really eat, or don’t eat. It’s amazing how many new clients I get that have never tracked before and didn’t realize how much they are actually eating. And by tracking you become much more aware of what you are putting into your mouth and how much. The apps that I use are MyFitness Pal and My Net Diary. Both of those are very good apps. You can track as you go with it, or you can enter all of your meals in for the day and plan your eating out that way. I highly recommend it!

8. So what is the deal with Pop Tarts?:-) I have had a blast treating myself with them and Fruity Pebbles when I want and I have still lost weight, Is there something magical about them? I know in your literature you do talk at length about healthy food choices, but it seems as if it isn’t a big deal when people eat “forbidden” foods even if they want to lose weight..

Haha! Oh the pop tarts! I actually don’t eat them and not really a fan but I know a lot of my clients love them. I don’t entirely restrict them either. There’s nothing magical about them. They are pretty good and there are all sorts of flavors so it gives it a little more variety. In the bodybuilding community pop tarts are huge because it shows something that is processed that you can eat and still make progress. But we eat them in moderation. I know that many see posts of people eating them but that’s not all that they are eating. About 90% of their overall calories are coming from good, “clean” food sources, and the other 10% are coming from discretionary calories like your pop tarts, lucky charms, ice cream etc. The more sugary type foods. And that’s ok to have as long as you fit it into your daily caloric intake and progress won’t be lost. Right now I’m dieting for several shows this year, everyday I have to have some ice cream. I haven’t lost progress but I have a very small amount a day and I don’t go overboard. I have control over my eating so that I don’t overeat. You really have to know how to shut off the temptations.

9. I know you coach me over the phone and via email so I am sure you have clients all over the country. If  someone wants to contact you about your coaching what is the best way to get a hold of you?

Body building, nutrition, weight lossYes I actually have clients all over the world! I can be contacted through my email which is tyler@teamtnt.info and you can reach me on my website at www.teamtnt.info or www.thedietdocphoenix.com.

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