Sandbag Training in Tucson

Evolution Tucson is excited to host Josh Henkin’s Ultimate Sandbag training workshop on February 19th 2011.  All of the pre-sales information and registration will be up soon. Ultimate Sandbag Training in Tucson, brought to you by Evolution Fitness

So why are we bringing sandbag training to Evolution Fitness? We already use kettlebells, TRX, Rowers, and Pullup bars.  Do we really need more? Well the Sandbag does add another dimension that I really believe in.  If I ever start holding Zumba or Body Pump classes then you can start to worry. Sandbag training falls in line with our philosophy of full body functional movement that can be used to focus on strength and power while always utilizing the core.  As long as a tool will fit in to our philosophy we will seek to incorporate it into our program. So what can a sandbag do that a kettlebell or medicine ball can’t already do? Well in you can do Turkish Get-ups, snatches, cleans, squats and many other moves with both.  A few differences are within the weight displacement of each of the tools and the ways each of them are handled. Doing a Turkish Get-up with a kettlebell above head is awesome for full body core strength, shoulder mobility and stabilization. Doing the same move with a sandbag changes the load completely by placing it over the shoulder and almost like carrying a human body.If I am working with a client that is in fighting sports or the military, then sandbags are great for mimicking carrying body weight in numerous different positions. It’s not that one is better than the other, they actually compliment each other very much and  I am excited to bring this training to Tucson. Josh Henkin has been very innovative in applying kettllebells, Sandbags, and TRX training. Check out this video with some of the great exercises.

Contact us at Evolution Tucson for more information on the upcoming Workshop on February 19th. Ultimate Sandbag training in Tucson Arizona.

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